Winter Guard

Winter Guard


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Crimson Dynamo
Red Guardian
Ursa Major
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The Winter Guard is a fictional team of Russian superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe. They became noteworthy during the Kurt Busiek run of "Iron Man", where they had several guest appearances.

They fought alongside the Avengers in "Iron Man" vol. 3, # 10, during the "Maximum Security" crossover, and during the "Kang War".

The Winter Guard are noted for being 'almost the Avengers', a label they share with the Canadian superteam Alpha Flight and the Japanese superteam Big Hero 6. Several members of the group formerly belonged to the Soviet Super-Soldiers and the Supreme Soviets. Unlike those two previous teams, which were often adversarial towards other costumed superheroes, the Winter Guard is much more heroic in nature.

Whilst investigating the murder of the Abomination, a Russian supervillan, Doc Samson, She-Hulk and Thunderbolt Ross encounter the new Winter Guard, consisting of Ursa Major, Red Guardian, Darkstar and the Crimson Dynamo."Hulk" #1 (2008)] When She-Hulk points out that Darkstar and Red Guardian were dead, Iron Man tells her that they were replaced with new people. It is unknown if the other members of the team are new as well.


Their original membership was
* Blind Faith- A Catholic priest with telepathic powers.
* Darkstar - a mutant who could draw power from 'the Darkforce Dimension'
* Fantasma - a sorceress and illusion-caster - also known as Fantasia
* Powersurge - a nuclear-fueled giant
* Sibercat - a ferocious feline mutant
* The Steel Guardian - Russia's answer to Captain America - formerly the Red Guardian
* Vanguard - a mutant with the power to reflect energy at his attackers
* Vostok - a robot with the power to control machines - also known as Sputnik


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