Fury is a form of anger.

Fury may also refer to:

In fiction:
* Bryan Fury, a video game character from the "Tekken" series
* Fury (DC Comics), two superheroine characters
* Fury (Marvel Comics), a robot that battled Captain Britain and the X-Men
* Nick Fury, a Marvel Comics character and the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.
* The Fury (Image Comics), the original Fury comics by Stephen Bissette

In literature:
* "Fury" (novel), a Salman Rushdie novel
* "Fury" (Star Wars novel), the seventh book in the Legacy of the Force series
* "The Fury" (novel), a John Farris novel

In film and television:
* "Fury" (film), a 1936 movie starring Spencer Tracy
* "Fury" (TV series), a show on NBC (1955-60) which starred Peter Graves
* "The Fury" (1978 film), a Brian de Palma movie
* "The Fury" (2009 film), a James Colmer movie
* , an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"

In gaming:
* "Fury" (computer game), a 3D fantasy competitive multiplayer online role-playing game
* Fury (Super Robot Wars), a race that served as antagonists in "Super Robot Wars Judgement"
* "Fury" (Martech), a computer game released for home computer systems by Martech
* Fury Amulet, commonly called a Fury, an amulet in "RuneScape"
* Fury, a longsword in "Morrowind"
* Fury, Lulu's overdrive from "Final Fantasy X"
* Fury, a vehicle in "Unreal Tournament 3"
* The Fury, a "Metal Gear Solid 3" character

* Felixstowe Fury, a large triplane seaplane 1918-1919 designed by John Cyril Porte
* FJ Fury, the first operational jet aircraft in United States Navy service
* Hawker Fury, an interwar period British fighter aircraft
* Hawker Sea Fury, an early Cold War period British fighter aircraft
* HMS "Fury" (1814), a "Hecla"-class bomb vessel
* Plymouth Fury, an American car
* LoPresti Fury, an airplane
* LMS 6399 Fury, an experimental steam locomotive with a high-pressure boiler

In music:

* Fury (band), a heavy metal band from Australia
* "Fury" (song), a song by Prince
* "Fury", a song by Muse
* "Fury", a song by Machinae Supremacy
* "The Fury" (album), an album by Gary Numan
* Fury Records, a United States record label

In sports:

* Durham Fury, a Tier II Junior "A" ice hockey team from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
* Flint Fury, a semi-pro football team located in Flint, Michigan
* Fresno Fury, a National Indoor Football League team that never played a game
* Monterrey Fury, a Mexican team playing in a United States based soccer league
* Muskegon Fury, a UHL hockey team based in Michigan
* Ottawa Fury, a Canadian soccer team
* Philadelphia Fury, a North American Soccer League team that played from 1978 to 1980

ee also

* Furies
* Fury3

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