List of encyclopedias by branch of knowledge

List of encyclopedias by branch of knowledge

This is a list of encyclopedias sorted by branch of knowledge. For other sorting criteria, see List of encyclopedias.

General encyclopedia

Printed works

English language

*"The Children's Encyclopedia", by Arthur Mee.
*"Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia", published by Dorling Kindersley
*"Collier's Encyclopedia"
*"Columbia Encyclopedia": a one-volume encyclopedia from Columbia University Press last published in 2000.
*"Cambridge Encyclopedia": a one-volume encyclopedia from Cambridge University Press last published in 1997.
*"Compton's Encyclopedia": 26 volume encyclopedia
*"Encyclopedia Americana": both a print work and currently a part of Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.
*"Encyclopædia Britannica": one of the best-known encyclopedias in English. See also the "1911 Encyclopedia Britannica".
*"Encyclopedia of Associations": a printed directory of associations and nonprofit groups published by Thomson Gale. Also available online as Associations Unlimited.
*"Encyclopedia Rizaliana": a one-volume encyclopedia about the life, works and influence of the Philippine patriot, Jose Protasio Rizal, published by Lulu Press in 2008 and edited by Jose Fadul
*"Funk and Wagnalls"
*"Groliers Encyclopedia"
*"Grolier Book of Knowledge": 20 volumes of equal length
*"New American Desk Encyclopedia": Small paperback encyclopedia last published in 1997
*"Oracle Encyclopædia": a five volume encyclopedia published in 1895
*"Random House Encyclopedia": a one-volume encyclopedia from Random House last published in 1990
*"Pears Cyclopaedia": a one-volume encyclopaedia published annually in the United Kingdom
*"The Penguin Encyclopedia": a one-volume encyclopedia published by the Penguin Group in 2002 and edited by David Crystal
*"World Book": designed for family use, World Book is the world's best selling print encyclopedia

panish language

*"Diccionario Enciclopédico Espasa"
*"Diccionario Enciclopédico Hispano-Americano de Literatura, Ciencias y Artes": Barcelona, Montaner y Simón,1887-1899, reprints and appendices up to 1910. Wonderful and very readable articles, many of them written by known Spanish scholars of the day. Reprinted by the London editor Walter M. Jackson (C. H. Simonds Company, Impresores, Boston, Estados Unidos de Norte América). See reference at
*"Enciclopedia Encarta"
*"Enciclopedia universal ilustrada europeo-americana"; the biggest encyclopedia of its time. Also known as Enciclopedia Espasa o Enciclopedia Espasa-Calpe
*"Enciclopedia Labor"
*"Enciclopedia Libre Universal" also known as "Enciclopedia Libre"
*"Enciclopedia Salvat"
*"Gran enciclopedia planeta", 20 volumes, DVD and on-line encyclopedia, 2004. Geared for adults, and published by the same people who publish the Encyclopedia Britannica.
*"Britannica Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada", 20 volumes; heavily illustrated. Also published by the Encyclopedia Britannica, but designed for students 10-17 years of age.
*"Nueva enciclopedia Durvan"
*"Nueva enciclopedia cumbre," published by Grolier in 14 volumes and available online.

Other languages

*"Allgemeine Encyclopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste": very large 19th-century German encyclopaedia by Ersch and Gruber
*"Anabritannica": published in Turkey and based on the "Britannica Micropædia"
*"Banglapedia": National encyclopedia of Bangladesh
*"Brockhaus": German encyclopedia
*"Brockhaus and Efron": Russian imperial encyclopedia in 86 volumes
*"Den Store Danske Encyklopædi" (The Great Danish Encyclopedia) in Danish
*"Enciklopedija Jugoslavije" in Serbo-Croatian
*"Enciklopedija Slovenije" in Slovene
*"Enciclopedia României" in Romanian (1939)
*"Great Soviet Encyclopedia" ("Большая Советская Энциклопедия"): The second largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia in Russian; here were 3 editions, 3rd edition of 1969-1978 contains 30 volumes
*"Grosses vollständiges Universal-Lexicon": huge 18th-century German encyclopedia by Johann Heinrich Zedler
*"Gujin tushu jicheng": Chinese encyclopedia completed in 1725 (10 million Chinese characters)
*"Tamil Kalaik kaLanjiyam":Tamil 10 volume encyclopedia published in 1963.
*"Lexicon Universale" in Latin (1698)
*"Magyar Nagylexikon" (The Great Hungarian Lexicon): 19 volume general encyclopedia in Hungarian
*"Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (1999): 27 volume German encyclopedia of music and musicians
*"Meyers Konversations-Lexikon"; in German
*"Pomorska enciklopedija": in Serbo-Croatian (The Maritime Encyclopedia)
*"Medicinska enciklopedija": in Serbo-Croatian
*"Tehnička enciklopedija": in Serbo-Croatian (Technical encyclopedia)
*"Enciklopedija hrvatske umjetnosti": in Croatian (The Encyclopedia of Croatian Art), (2005)
*"Filmska enciklopedija": in Croatian (The Film encyclopedia)
*"Nationalencyklopedin": encyclopedia in Swedish
*"Nordisk familjebok": encyclopedia in Swedish
*"Otto's encyclopedia": the largest Czech encyclopedia published between 1888-1908 and 1930-1943
*"The Book of Healing": a thirty volume Arabic encyclopedia published by Avicenna in 1027
*"The Persian Encyclopedia" : a three volume Persian encyclopedia edited by Gholamhossein Mosahab, partially based on the early editions of the Columbia Encyclopedia
*"Vojna enciklopedija" in Serbo-Croatian (The Military Encyclopedia)
*"Wielka Encyklopedia Powszechna PWN", 13 volumes, 1962-1970, the largest encyclopedia to date in Polish
*"Wielka Encyklopedia PWN", 2001-2005, the successor to the WEP PWN; larger and more objective, it is currently being finished

On CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and/or the Internet

* [ Columbia Encyclopedia]
*Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia: only available in electronic form.
*Encyclopædia Britannica. See also the "1911 Encyclopedia Britannica".
* [ Encyclopedia of Kirill and Mefodiy] : in Russian.
*Gran Enciclopedia Planeta, in Spanish.
*Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia: The first computer encyclopedia, produced on CD-ROM by KnowledgeSet in 1985.
*Microsoft Encarta: published by Microsoft. It is only available in electronic form.
*Nueva enciclopedia cumbre, published by Grolier.
*Micronet Universal: in Spanish. Published by Micronet.
*Encyclopédie Larousse en ligne, available [ here] .
*"The Enciclopedia Compacta Britannica," available from Babylon [ here] . The "Britannica Concise Encyclopedia" translated into Spanish.
* [ Rubricon] : the largest online encyclopedic portal in Russian.
*Wikipedia: Officially the world's largest Encyclopedia — a project to create a comprehensive encyclopedia using wiki software, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
*World Book: PC and Mac electronic versions published by [ Software MacKiev] . Contains every article from print encyclopedia.

Website only

*Enciclopedia Libre: project to create a Spanish encyclopedia using wiki software, released under the GFDL.
*Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
*Encyclopaedia of Turkey: An online encyclopedia about Turkey and Anatolian Culture.
*EncycloZine: an online encyclopedia of books and knowledge.
*Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia: an electronic encyclopedia published by Grolier.
*Hierarchypedia: an online encyclopedia using Wikimedia that is no longer online. []
* [ Internet FAQ archives]
*netcyclo: John Anderson's Internet encyclopedia project.
*Nupedia: a peer reviewed, open content encyclopedia project, currently inactive.
*Open Site: an effort inspired by, but not officially affiliated with, the Open Directory Project.
*Private Sözlük: a collaborative hypertext Turkish dictionary and encyclopedia site that shares a similar concept with Everything2 or H2G2.
*Probert Encyclopaedia: an online topical encyclopedia consisting of almost 100,000 short entries, published by Mathew Probert and based in the United Kingdom.
* project to create a Swedish encyclopedia using wiki software.
*Wikiweise: project to create a German encyclopedia using wiki software, released under the GFDL.
*WikiZnanie: project to create a Russian encyclopedia using wiki software, released under the BSD DPL.

pecialized encyclopedias

National, regional, ethnic or cultural


*"Encyclopedia Zimbabwe"


* "Encyclopedia of New Jersey"
* "Handbook of Texas"


*"The Australian Encyclopedia (1926)" - 1926
*"The Australian Encyclopedia (1958)" - 1958
*"Encyclopaedia of Australia" - 1968
* "Encyclopedia of Melbourne" Sept 2005. Edited by Andrew Brown-May and Shurlee Swain. 864 pp. ISBN 978-0-521-84234-1 - [ Online version]


*"aeiou Encyclopedia" (1996ff.) Austrian


* Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia in 12 volumes (1969-1974)
* Encyclopedia of Literature and Art of Belarus in 5 volumes
* Encyclopedia of Ethnography of Belarus in 1 volume
* Encyclopedia of History of Belarus in 6 volumes
* Belarusian Encyclopedia in 18 volumes
* Encyclopedia of Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1 volume so far


*"" - (1898-1900)
*"Canada and its Province" - (1913-1917)
*"The Canadian Encyclopedia" - (1985 and 1988)
*"Encyclopedia Canadiana" - (1957)
*"The Encyclopedia of Canada" - (1935-1937)
*"Encyclopedia of Music in Canada" - (1981 and 1992)
*"The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada" - (1989)


*"Opća enciklopedija JLZ" - (1977-1982)
*"Hrvatska opća enciklopedija" (started in 1999- 7th vol. 2005 of 11)
*"Opća i nacionalna enciklopedija" (2005- complete 2007)


*"Loghatnameh Dehkhoda": a fourteen volume Persian dictionary edited by Dr. Ali Akbar Dehkhoda
*"Encyclopædia Iranica": on Iranian peoples and Iran (Persia)
*"Encyclopaedia of Iran and Islam" published in Persian in Tehran
*"Encyclopaedia of Persian Language and Literature" published by the Academy of Persian Language and Literature in Persian in Tehran
*"The Encyclopedia of Iranian Old Music": Published in Tehran, 2000.


* "The London Encyclopaedia" 1007 page reference of the city of London, pub. 1983


* "The Encyclopedia of Malaysia", published from 1998 to 2007

New Zealand

* "Encyclopedia of New Zealand (1966)
* "Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand" (2005) - [ online]


* "Encyklopedia Polski" (translation: Encyclopedia of Poland).
* "Encyklopedia Powszechna PWN" (translation: PWN Universal Encyclopedia).


* "Enciklopedija Slovenije", published in 1987-2002

outh Asian

* "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives": A concise encyclopedia on the Indian subcontinent.
* "Banglapedia": The national encyclopedia of Bangladesh published by the Bangladesh Asiatic Society.



* "Grove Dictionary of Art" in 34-volumes (1996)


* "Allgame": A comprehensive online guide to computer and video games created by All Media Guide.
* "Allmovie": A comprehensive online guide to movies created by All Media Guide.
* "Allmusic": A comprehensive online guide to music created by All Media Guide.
* "The Film Encyclopedia"
* "Quasimodobell": Online Encyclopedia for music artists & bands

Environmental Science

*"Encyclopedia of Hydrological Science" John Wiley and Sons []
*"Encyclopedia of Earth" ("EoE") (an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society)
*"Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems" (EOLSS) -- sponsored by UNESCO -- an interdisciplinary encyclopedia, inspired by the sustainable development movement

Fiction (or fictional)

* Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge, a fictional Chinese encyclopedia invented by Jorge Luis Borges
* Encyclopedia Galactica was created and referenced by Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.
* The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy pays homage to the Encyclopedia Galactica, but is apparently better because it is slightly cheaper and has the words "Don't Panic" written on the cover.
* "The Rocklopedia Fakebandica" by T. Mike Childs, pub. 2004
* "The Star Trek Encyclopedia"

History and biography

* "Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography": 19th century Americans
* "Children's Encyclopedia of American History"
* "An Encyclopedia of Battles": comprehensive accounting of battles and wars throughout history.
* "An Encyclopedia of World History": single-volume work. First Edition, 1940. Sixth Edition, 2001.
* "Encyklopedia Polski" (Encyclopedia of Poland).
*"Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History From 458 to 1905": Harper & Brothers
* "Historical Dictionary of Switzerland" [] , historical encyclopedia of Switzerland in German, French and Italian, (Print edition: 2002-).
* [ Historisches Lexikon Bayerns] multimedia online encyclopedia of Bavarian history.
* "The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia"
* "Oxford Classical Dictionary": Despite the name, a one-volume encyclopedia for antiquity.
* "Polski słownik biograficzny" (Polish Biographical Dictionary: begun 1935, a work in progress). For content list, see [ here] .
* "Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft": Pauly-Wissowa (Eds.) (1894-1980; specialising in classical antiquity).
* "World War II Encyclopedia" (Time-Life Publications Ltd., 1976)


*"Encyclopedia Judaica": published 1972-1991.
*"Jewish Encyclopedia": published 1901-1906. Original full 12 volumes.
*"Talmudic Encyclopedia" (cf. ).
*"Jewish Virtual Library"
*"Shorter Jewish Encyclopedia in Russian": 11 volumes, published 1976-2005 in Jerusalem and [ on the Web] .


* "Arabic Legislations Encyclopedia"
* "American Jurisprudence"
* "Corpus Juris Secundum"
* "Halsbury's Laws of England"


* "Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia"
* "Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature"
* "The Cambridge History of English and American Literature"
* "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction", First edition 1979, second edition (April 1993), by John Clute and Peter Nicholls
* "The Literary Encyclopedia", online, started in 2000
* "The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural" (1986), edited by Jack Sullivan
* The Poets' Encyclopedia edited by Michael Andre


*"Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics" (EDM2), Second edition 1993, The Mathematical Society of Japan. The preferred reference of professionals.
* Mathworld online encyclopedia by Eric Weisstein
*CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Second edition 2002, based on Mathworld
*On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)
*Encyclopaedia of Mathematics Springer Verlag 2002
*Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security Springer-Verlag 2005


* "Kitab al-Tasrif" ("The Method of Medicine"), by Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis)
* "American Medical Association Complete Medical Encyclopedia"
* " [ Ayurvedic Encyclopedia] "
* "The Canon of Medicine", by Avicenna
* "Cerrahiyyetu'l-Haniyye" ("Imperial Surgery"), by Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu
* "The Comprehensive Book on Medicine", by Ibn al-Nafis
* "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine"
* "Encyclopedia of Public Health"
* "Firdous al-Hikmah" ("Paradise of Wisdom"), by Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari
* "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary"


* "Enciclopedia della musica", 2001-2005, edited by Jean-Jacques Nattiez, in 5 volumes. Collection of in-depth essays rather than brief, dictionary-like entries.


* "The Book of Healing", by Avicenna.
* "The Encyclopedia of Philosophy", edited by Paul Edwards.
* "Encyclopédie philosophique universelle", published by Presses Universitaires de France.

Religion (other)

* "Catholic Encyclopedia"
* "Encyclopædia Biblica"
* "Encyclopedia of Mormonism"


* "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space", 1990 ISBN 0-521-36426-4
* Encyclopedia Astronautica: a reference website maintained by space-travel enthusiast Mark Wade
* "Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry". Wiley, 2000, 15 volumes.
* "Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry". Elsevier, 2004.
* "Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry". Knovel, 2001, 3 volumes.
* "Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing". Dekker, 1976, 5 volumes.
* "Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry". Wiley, 1997, 5 volumes.
*"Encyclopedia of Genetics"
* "Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry". Wiley, 2005 (2nd ed), 10 volumes.
*"Encyclopedia of Life Sciences" (ELS) -- owned by John Wiley & Sons -- having both a 20-volume print edition and an online edition
* "Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry". Dekker.
* Grolier Popular Science
* "Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology". Wiley, 26 volumes.
* "McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology": also comes in a one-volume edition.
* "Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry". Wiley, 40 volumes.
* Small Mining Encyclopedia


* "", 10th Edition, 1996 ISBN 0-02-861435-6
* "Total Baseball, The Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia", 2004, by John Thorn et al
* "Total Tennis, The Ultimate Tennis Encyclopedia", 2003, by Bud Collins
* "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding"
* "", 2004, by David Neft et al
* "L'Encyclopédie des sports. Plus de 3000 sports et jeux du monde entier", 2005, Grund
* "World Sports Encyclopedia", 2003, Atena/MBI


* "The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants": a comprehensive illustrated work on garden plants.
* "American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers"
* "The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft": 1997, one large volume
* "Encyclopedia Brunoniana" [] : An encyclopedia covering Brown University
* "Encyclopedia of Personal Finance" [] ; Comprehensive information about investing and personal finance
* ""
* "Encyclopedia of Counseling"
* Encyclopedia of Marxism: an online encyclopedia released under the GNU Free Documentation License, part of the Marxist Internet Archive.
* "Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements"
* "An Encyclopaedia of Occultism": 1920 work on occultism
* "Encyclopedia Titanica" [] ; Exhaustive information about the sinking of RMS "Titanic"
* "Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential" published since 1972 by the Union of International Associations (UIA). Previously published in [ three book volumes] and on [ CD-ROM] ; now published and developed [ online here] .
* " [ watch-wiki] " an online encyclopedia released under the GNU Free Documentation License
* "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft"
* "Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology"
* "Larousse Gastronomique" Encyclopedia of food and cooking.
*"A Military Encyclopedia"
* "MusicBrainz": a project to create a free music encyclopedia, released under the Open Content License. The first goal is to create a database similar to CDDB.
* [ Nazarian`s Gun`s Recognition Guide]
* "Perelman's Pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars" An encyclopedia and history of (Non-Cuban) cigars and their manufacturers (also "Perelman's Pocket Cyclopaedia of Havana Cigars")
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy] (ongoing since 1995)
* "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets"
* Dutch author Battus wrote a parody encyclopedia, titled The Encyclopedia.

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