List of Louisiana blues musicians

List of Louisiana blues musicians

The following is a list of Louisiana blues musicians.


*Nathan Abshire


*Marcia Ball
*Bluesiana Hurricane
*Lucius Bridges


*Butch Cage


*Sally Dotson
*Ben Douglas


*Clarence Edwards


*Guitar Junior (blues musician)


*Slim Harpo


*Lightnin' Slim
*Lonesome Sundown


*Ruth Miller
*Tom Miller (blues)


*Raful Neal


*Louisiana Red

*Paul "Lil' Buck" Sinegal
*Rebecca Smith
*Smoky Babe
*Leon Strickland (blues musician)


*Rockin' Tabby Thomas
*Anthony "Packrat" Thompson


*John Vincent


*Leroy Washington
*Bill "Boogie Bill" Webb
*Katie Webster
*Robert Pete Williams



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