Snow (surname)

Snow (surname)

Snow is the surname of:
* Al Snow, a professional wrestler
* Aurora Snow, a porn star
* Brittany Snow, an American film and television actress
* Charles Percy Snow, physicist and novelist
* Chrissy Snow, a fictional character on the television show "Three's Company"
* C.P. Snow, a 20th-century British scientist and novelist
* Dash Snow, a New York artist
* Edgar Snow, an American journalist
* Elijah Snow, a fictional character from the comic book "Planetary"
* Garth Snow, a former hockey player
* Hank Snow, an American country singer
* J.T. Snow, a former baseball player
* John Snow (disambiguation):
** John Snow (cricketer), an English cricketer
** John Snow (physician), the founder of epidemiology and pioneer in anaesthesia
** John J. Snow, Jr., a member of the North Carolina Senate
** John W. Snow, United States Secretary of the Treasury, 2003–2006
* Jon Snow, a British television news presenter for "Channel 4 News"
* Jon Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire), a character in the novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire"
* Lorenzo Snow, the fifth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Mark Snow, an American soundtrack composer
* Peter Snow, a British television news presenter for the BBC and cousin of Jon Snow
* Phoebe Snow (musician), U.S. singer & songwriter
* Rod Snow, Canadian rugby player
* Thomas Snow, American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger
* Tom Snow (songwriter), American popular songwriter and singer
* Tony Snow, a former television news anchor and White House Press Secretary
* Valaida Snow, an American trumpeter
* William P. Snow, former United States Ambassador to Burma

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