Legionella longbeachae

Legionella longbeachae

color = lightgrey
name = "Legionella longbeachae"
regnum = Bacteria
phylum = Proteobacteria
classis = γ-proteobacteria
ordo = Legionellales
familia = Legionellaceae
genus = "Legionella"
species = "L. longbeachae"
binomial = "Legionella longbeachae"
binomial_authority = McKinney "et al." 1982

"Legionella longbeachae" is one species of the family Legionellaceae. It is found predominantly in soil and potting compost. Human infection from "L. longbeachae" is particularly common in Western Australia,cite journal | author=Alli OA, Zink S, von Lackum NK, Abu-Kwaik Y | title=Comparative assessment of virulence traits in "Legionella" spp | journal=Microbiology | year=2003 | pages=631–41 | volume=149 | issue=Pt 3 | pmid=12634332 | doi=10.1099/mic.0.25980-0 ] ,cite journal | author=Grove DI, Lawson PJ, Burgess JS, Moran JL, O'Fathartaigh MS, Winslow WE | title=An outbreak of "Legionella longbeachae" infection in an intensive care unit? | journal=J Hosp Infect | year=2002 | pages=250–8 | volume=52 | issue=4 | pmid=12473468 | doi=10.1053/jhin.2002.1322 ] yet cases have been documented in other countries including the USA.cite journal | author= | title=Legionnaires' Disease associated with potting soil--California, Oregon, and Washington, May-June 2000 | journal=MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep | year=2000 | pages=777–8 | volume=49 | issue=34 | pmid=10987244 [http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm4934a1.htm fulltext] ]

Like other "Legionella" species, person-to-person transmission has not been documented. However, unlike other species the primary transmission mode is inhalation of dust from contaminated compost or soil that contains the organism causing legionellosis.cite journal | author=Steele TW, Lanser J, Sangster N | title=Isolation of "Legionella longbeachae" serogroup 1 from potting mixes | journal=Appl Environ Microbiol | year=1990 | pages=49–53 | volume=56 | issue=1 | pmid=1968736 ]


Compost must be handled with care, damp down with water to reduce dust before handling, use a face mask covering nose and mouth to reduce the risk of inhaling the dust, especially for those at high risk from infection.

It is noteworthy that compost packaging in Australia has a "L. longbeachae" warning label.


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* [http://www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/healthyliving/factsheet.php?id=759 Tasmanian Health and Human Services "Legionella" page]

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