Insense is a technical hardcore/metalcore band from Ski, Norway. It was started by guitarist Tommy Hjelm and drummer Håvard Iversen in 1999. In 2002 they released their first album "Insense", which was critically acclaimed by both the American and European press.Fact|date=October 2008 They then started a Norwegian tour followed by a two week European tour in 2003.

Håvard Iversen and the band's vocalist Eigil Dragvik left the band in 2003. Iversen was replaced by Truls Haugen and Hjelm took over the vocals. They started working on a new album, and in 2005 released "Soothing Torture" on the Norwegian cult labels Black Balloon Records/Candlelight Records. Again they impressed the press, who nevertheless found it difficult to classify them. One of the descriptions they received was:

:"Time signatures in the noise tech vein of the new Dillinger Escape Plan, with the subtlety of Neurosis coupled with the extreme controlled aggression of Slipknot” and “Sepultura’s raw heaviness, Meshuggah’s technical prowess, and Strapping Young Lad’s ornate song structuring." Citequote|date=October 2008

In 2005, the band's bass player also decided to leave and was replaced by Ola S. Hana. Shortly afterwards they embarked on a new seven-week Norwegian and European tour. Their third album, "The Silent Epidemic", was released in 2007. It was recorded in various locations over 8 months, and for the first time Hjelm let someone other than himself mix the record.


Current members
*Tommy Hjelm - Guitars/vocals
*Martin Rygge - Guitars/backing vocals
*Ola S. Hana - Bass/backing vocals
*Truls Haugen - Drums

Former members
*Eigil Dragvik (1999 - 2003) - vocals
*Håvard Iversen (1999 - 2003) - drums
*Magnus R. Ruud (1999 - 2005) - bass


*"Insense" (2002) Label: This Dark Reign/Devil Doll Records
*"Soothing Torture" (2005) Label: Black Balloon Records/Candlelight Records
*"The Silent Epidemic" 2007 Label: Black Balloon Records/Candlelight Records

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