Plaint number

Plaint number

A Plaint number is "an old-fashioned term for a claim number". [ [ Her Majestery's Courts official web site] ] [ [ Law Glossary] ] [ [ Lawyer Supermarket glossary] ]

It was formerly used in the British Court system. [ [ Legal Banter] ] The term continues to be used in Australia, and searches for court records in Australian use the "plaint number". [ [ New South Wales records official web site] ] [ [ Queensland records official web site] ] [ [ Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources official web site] ] [ [ New South Wales official web site] ] [Decision from an Australian Ombusman: [] ] [ [ Tasmania records official web site] ]

Claims under administrative law for medical malpractice or other professional misconduct may also use a "plaint number". [ [ Newsletter of the Maine Board of Pharmacy] ]


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