Long drink

Long drink

A long drink or tall drink is an alcoholic mixed drink with a relatively large volume (> 12 cl, frequently 16–40 cl or between 5 - 9 fluid ounces).

This terminology had fallen out of favor over the last decade or two, but is now enjoying a revival.Fact|date=April 2008 Typically, a long drink will have lots of ice and mixer, perfect for warmer days, as opposed to a short drink.

An example long drink is a gin and tonic which in hot countries traditionally was mixed in a ratio of 1 or 2 to 10.

Long drinks in Finland

In Finland, the term "long drink" or "lonkero" (which also means "tentacle") refers exclusively to a mixed drink made from gin and, most commonly, grapefruit soda. Originally developed for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, as of 2007 the "Hartwall Original Gin Long Drink" remains the most popular single product sold by Finnish state monopoly Alko, outselling even Koskenkorva, the most popular Finnish spirit. [ [http://www.hartwall.fi/index.asp?id=4D79DC674DF94E0F817170E560C95FE6&data=1,URL,http://www.hartwall.fi/modules/release/show_release.asp?Id=860CD47FD5D54C0ABDA8CCA71A56ADDF&groupid=5089F196D2764D178090E300093E906A&laytmp=default "Hartwall Original Gin Long Drink Alkon ylivoimaisesti myydyin tuotemerkki". Hartwall.] ]

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