Apostolic may refer to:

*The Twelve Apostles of Jesus, or something related to them
*Apostolic Succession, the doctrine connecting the Church to the original Twelve Apostles
*The Apostolic Fathers, the earliest generation of Christian writers
*The Apostolic Age, the period of Christian history when Jesus' apostles were living

Specific to the Roman Catholic Church:
*Apostolic Administrator, appointed by the Pope to serve certain needy areas
*Apostolic Camera, or "Apostolic Chamber", former department of finance for Papal administration
*Apostolic chancery, a historical office charged with preparation of Papal correspondence
*Apostolic constitution, a public decree issued by the Pope
*Apostolic Palace, the residence of the Pope in Vatican City
*Apostolic prefect, the head of a mission of the Roman Catholic Church
*Apostolic vicariate, a territorial jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church

Other churches and religious movements:
*Apostolic Pentecostal Oneness
*Oneness Pentecostal
*International Circle of Faith
*Apostolic Church (denomination), a Pentecostal Christian denomination
*Apostolic Brethren, a 13th-century sect in northern Italy
*Apostolic Catholic and Spiritual Church, an independent Old Catholic Church of the Utrecht Succession
*Apostolic Christian Church, an anabaptist branch of Christianity
*Apostolic Johannite Church, a Gnostic church claiming apostolic succession
*Armenian Apostolic Church, also known as the Armenian Orthodox Church, the national church of Armenia
*Catholic Apostolic Church, a millenarian religious community
*New Apostolic Church, a chiliastic church
*Primitive Apostolic Christianity (Sabbatarian)

Other uses:
*Apostolic poverty, a doctrine professed in the 13th century by certain religious orders
*Apostolic King, hereditary title of the King of Hungary

ee also

*Apostle (disambiguation)

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