Arab National Party

Arab National Party
Arab National Party
الحزب القومي العربي
Leader Muhamad Kanan
Founded 19 February 2001
Split from United Arab List
Ideology Israeli Arab interest
Most MKs 2 (2001)
Fewest MKs 0
Current MKs 0
Election symbol
Politics of Israel
Political parties

The Arab National Party (Hebrew: המפלגה הלאומית הערבית‎, HaMiflaga HaLeumit HaAravit; Arabic: الحزب القومي العربي‎, al-Hizb al-Qawmi al-Arabi), alternatively rendered as the National Arab Party, is a minor Israeli Arab political party in Israel led by Muhamad Kanan.


The party was founded during the 15th Knesset when three MKs left the United Arab List; one founded National Unity – National Progressive Alliance, whilst the other two, Kanan and Tawfik Khatib created the Arab National Party.

The party did not participate in the 2003 elections, and in the run-up to the 2006 elections it looked like Kanan would join Hadash.[1] However, the party then entered the election race, before withdrawing and announcing its support for Balad,[2] though by then it was too late to take the party's name off the ballot. On election day the party picked up only 738 votes (0.02%), the second lowest in total and far below the electoral threshold of 2%.


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