Jefferson Davis (disambiguation)

Jefferson Davis (disambiguation)

Jefferson Davis may refer to:

*Jefferson Davis (1808–1889), president of the Confederate States of America
**Jefferson Davis Presidential Library
**Jefferson Davis State Historic Site, monument at the site of President Davis's birthplace
*Jeff Davis (Arkansas governor) (1862–1913), Governor of Arkansas and U.S. Senator
*Jefferson C. Davis, Jefferson Columbus Davis (1828–1879), American Civil War Union general, Military Commander of Alaska, murderer of Union general William "Bull" Nelson

*Jeff Davis County, Texas
*Jeff Davis County, Georgia
*Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi
*Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana
*Jefferson Davis Community College, in Brewton, Alabama

*Boss Hogg, J.D. (Jefferson Davis) Hogg, character in the American television series and movie "The Dukes of Hazzard"
*"Jefferson Davis" alias used by killer Carl Panzram

ee also

*Jeff Davis

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