Bachelor of Vocational Education

Bachelor of Vocational Education

Bachelor of Vocational Education (B.V.E., BVE, or BVEd) is a specialized undergraduate bachelor's degree which qualifies the graduate as a vocational teacher in public schools or trainer for private companies. Some universities offer a Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training, or a Bachelor of Career and Technical Education degree, which are basically equivalent to a BVE. Further, many universities have specific vocational education bachelor degrees to prepare agricultural, business, computer, health occupations, marketing, and industrial arts teachers as well as degrees for Adult and Continuing Education. [cite web
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Vocational educators have existed since the first vocations existed. One of the main systems of vocational education was through masters and apprentices. As traditional academic institutions started to recognize the need for vocational education, there became a need to accredit potential vocational teachers within the traditional academic system. This can be seen in California through their requirement that all community college tenured vocational instructors have a bachelor's degree [Citation
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] In Australia the Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training grew out of "an expressed need for a programme of study for training and vocational educators" [citation
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While each colleges specific curriculum and courses may vary, nearly every college in California that offers a Bachelor of Vocational Education degree includes courses in Characteristics and Management of Education for Adult Students, Assessment and Instruction, Teaching Diverse Learners, Advanced Instructional Design, Program Evaluation and Leadership, and School Health Care as these are generally required for a Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential. [citation
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Further, BVE students may generally complete a SWAN Portfolio that allows them to get college credit for experience they have had from their specific vocations. [citation
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Value and effectiveness

A study done by the Department of Education of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada found that 94% of BVE graduates were working in a field related to their degree compared with 80% for all graduates with an undergraduate degree. Further, BVE graduates earned on average $18.01-$20.00 per hour compared to $14.01-$16.00 for the general graduating population. [Citation
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