Infobox programming language
name = Itk

paradigm = multi-paradigm: object-oriented, functional, Imperative, event-driven programming
year = 1993
designer = [ Michael McLennan]
developer = [ Michael McLennan]
latest_release_version = itcl3.0
latest_release_date = ?
typing = dynamic typing, everything can be treated as a string
implementations =
dialects =
influenced_by = Tcl, C++
influenced =

Itk is a framework for building mega-widgets using the [incr Tcl] object system. Mega-widgets are high-level widgets like a file browser or a tab notebook that act like ordinary Tk widgets but are constructed using Tk widgets as component parts, without having to write C code. In effect, a mega-widget looks and acts exactly like a Tk widget, but is considerably easier to implement.

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* Tk
* Itcl
* Tcl
* ITK (gene)

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