Stretchable electronics

Stretchable electronics

Stretchable electronics, also known as elastic electronics or elastic circuits, is a technology for building electronic circuits by depositing electronic devices on stretchable substrates or embed them completely in a stretchable material such as silicones or polyurethanes. In the simplest case, stretchable electronics can be made by using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards. One of the things that needs to change is the substrate and the interconnections, being made stretchable, rather than flexible (see Flexible electronics) or rigid (Printed Circuit Boards). Typically, polymers are chosen as substrates or material to embed.

Lots of new applications become possible: wearable (and at the same time, very comfortable) systems integrated in textiles or bio-compatible medical systems.

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* Flexible electronics

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* [ STELLA: Research Project on Stretchable Electronics]
* [ SWEET: Research Project on Stretchable and Washable Electronics]

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