Caesarea (disambiguation)

Caesarea (disambiguation)

Caesarea, a city name derived from "Caesar", was the name of numerous cities and locations in the Roman Empire, many of which beat bear different names at present (or might have had alternate names also in the Roman period itself). Among them:

* Caesarea Maritima/Caesarea Palaestina, Roman provincial capital of Palestine
** Eusebius of Caesarea was bishop of this Caesarea
** Caesarea (Israel), modern suburb built on the site of this Caesarea
* Caesarea Philippi (Banias), in the Golan Heights
* Caesarea Mazaca, city in Cappadocia, modern Kayseri, Turkey
** Saint Basil of Caesarea was bishop of this Caesarea
* Antioch, Pisidia, proper name of the city of Caesarea Antiochia, near modern Yalvaç, Turkey
* Germanicopolis (Bithynia), the city of Caesarea Germanice in Bithynia
* Cherchell, modern name of the city of Caesarea in Algeria
** This Caesarea was the capital of the province of Mauretania Caesariensis
* Shaizar (or Saijar), the proper name of the city of Caesarea Magna, in Syria
* The island of Caesarea, modern Jersey, in the Channel Islands (this derivation of the island's name is disputed)

Caesarea may also refer to:
* Kidon, a unit in the Mossad formerly named Caesarea

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