Lycophron (Sophist)

Lycophron (Sophist)

Lycophron was a sophist of Ancient Greece. He is known for his statement (reproduced by Aristotle, in the latter's Politics, 1280b10), that "law is only a convention, a surety to another of justice". This means that he treats law as a mere means, in the context of a (perhaps primitive) social contract theory, without considering it as something special, in contradistinction to, e.g., Plato but similar to both Thrasymachus and Callicles, albeit that their theories have – as far as can be ascertained from the information available about them – more specific characteristics.


*Richard G. Mulgan, 'Lycophron and Greek Theories of Social Contract'. "Journal of the History of Ideas" 40 (1), 1979: 121 – 128.

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