HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean

Six ships that were built for the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS "Ocean". The name "Ocean" entered the list from which names are selected for British ships in 1759, when the Royal Navy captured the "French" ship named "Océan". The British studied the French technology of this ship and admired it, but the ship had to be in bad shape before it would be replaced by a new-build.

* The first "Ocean", 90 was a ship of the line built in 1761.

* The second "Ocean", 98 was a ship of the line launched in 1805, active in the Napoleonic Wars, and later upgraded to a 110-gun first-rate.

* The third "Ocean" was originally ordered to be built as a wooden screw ship intended to carry 91 guns. However, the order was changed and she was eventually launched in 1863 as an ironclad of 24 guns. In the late 1860s she served as flagship to the Commander in Chief of the China Station and after an active life of only six years, was paid off in 1872.

* The fourth "Ocean" was a battleship launched in 1898 and sunk by a mine in 1915.

* The fifth "Ocean" was an aircraft carrier completed in 1945 and scrapped in 1962

* The sixth and current "Ocean" is a Landing Platform, Helicopter launched in 1995 and in extended refit as of 2007.

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