Bots (edi)

Bots (edi)

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Bots is a open source EDI/b2b translator that strives to be complete EDI software. Bots is free software available under the GNU General Public License.


* Any-to-any-format conversions.
* Convert to readable (and printable) format ('EDI-fax').
* Conversion of codes, e.g. EAN/UCC-numbers. Maintenance of codes in user interface.
* Platform independent
* Web based user interface
* Receive (email) reports in case of errors.
* Plugins for easy configuration of EDI messages/scenario's
* Supports Unicode.
* Highly configurable; advanced configuration using scripting.
* Programming language: Python.

Supported data formats

*Fixed records/flat file/ASCII
*SAP idocs
*JSON, very good as an 'inhouse format'.

Supported communications

*SMTP (incl TLS, SSL)
*POP3 (incl TLS, SSL)
* ipmail
* File I/O


* Python
* SQLAlchemy
* PyProtocols
* TurboCheetah
* Cheetah
* TurboKid
* Kid
* CherryPy
* ConfigObj
* DecoratorTools
* elementtree
* RuleDispatch
* FormEncode
* PasteScript
* PasteDeploy
* Paste
* Turbogears
* PyProtocols
* Setuptools
* pysqlite
* mysql-Python
* psycopg2
* SQLite
* PostgreSQL

External links

* [ Bots website]
* [ Bots mailing list]
* [ Bots project on SourceForge]

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