Quiz & Larossi

Quiz & Larossi

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Name = Quiz & Larossi

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Origin = Stockholm, Sweden
Background = Producers / Songwriters
Genre = Pop
Years_active = 1999–present
Publisher = Univeral Music Publishingq
Management = XL Talents
URL = [http://www.myspace.com/quizlarossi]
Current_members = Andreas "Quz" Romdhane & Josef Larossi

Andreas “Quiz” Romdhane and Josef Larossi have a studio based in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. They have worked together since 1999 when they wrote songs for Lutricia McNeal. During their partnership they have written/produced songs for acts such as Il Divo, Geri Halliwell, Diana Ross, Shayne Ward, Westlife, Angelis and Bianca Ryan. Quiz and Larossi have written 6 songs for Il Divo in the last 3 years, the biggest number of songs from any contributing songwriter. Il Divo has to this day sold 21 million albums worldwide. In 2006 they produced the #1 UK single "The Rose" for Westlife. The duo recently produced Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere's official debut single Wake Up Call from her long awaited untitled debut album.


Examples of songs that Quiz & Larossi have written and/or produced:
* "Up!" The Saturdays (Chasing Lights)
* "Hush Hush" The Pussycat Dolls (Doll Domination)
* "The Rose" - Westlife (#1 UK single)
* "Una Noche" - Il Divo (#1 Album on the World Chart)
* "When You Tell Me that You Love Me" - Diana Ross (#2 UK single)
* "Isabel" - Il Divo (#1 US Album. #1 Album in 15 countries. )
* "Mama" - Il Divo (#1 Album in 13 countries. Only single commercially released from the album)
* "Ride It" - Geri Halliwell (#4 UK Single)
* "Dont' say it's too late - Westlife (#1 UK Album "World of our own")
* "Cradle" - Atomic Kitten (#1 UK Album)
* "I Didn't Want You Anyway - Hear’Say (#1 UK Album "Popstars")
* "365 Days" - Lutricia McNeal
* "You Don't Love Me" - Stephanie McIntosh (from the album "Tightrope" #4 AUS)

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