Lawrence (surname)

Lawrence (surname)

Lawrence is a surname, and may refer to:


* William Lawrence, the 7th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
* William Appleton Lawrence, 3rd Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts


* Abbott Lawrence, US representative from Massachusetts
* Amos Lawrence (1786-1852), Massachusetts philanthropist and politician
* Carmen Lawrence (b. 1948), Australian politician
* George Van Eman Lawrence (1818-1904), member of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
* George P. Lawrence, former US Representative from Massachusetts
* John Lawrence, 1st Baron Lawrence (1811-79), British statesman
* Joseph Lawrence (Pennsylvania) (1786-1886), member of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
* William Lawrence (35th Congress), member of the United States House of Representatives from the 17th District of Ohio
* William Lawrence (Ohio), Republican politician from Ohio


* Amos Adams Lawrence (1814-1886), abolitionist and founder of the University of Kansas
* Philip Lawrence (1947-1995), murdered headmaster of St. George's Roman Catholic School


* Don Lawrence (1928-2003), British comic book artist
* Doug Lawrence, a comic and voice talent
* Ellis F. Lawrence, architect and founder of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon
* Frederick William Lawrence (1890- ? ), Canadian/American airbrush painter
* Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000), painter
* Mary Lawrence (1868-1945), American sculptor
* Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830), English portrait painter


* Brian Lawrence (1976-"Present"), baseball pitcher
* Davey Lawrence (1985-"Present"), ice hockey goaltender
* Tayna Lawrence (1975-"Present"), Jamaican athlete


* D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), English author
* George Alfred Lawrence (1827-76), English novelist
* Margaret Lawrence, American author
* T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935), British soldier and author


* Charles Lawrence (1709-1760) British military officer and later governor of Nova Scotia
* George St. Patrick Lawrence (1804-84), English soldier
* Henry Montgomery Lawrence (1806-57) British soldier
* James Lawrence (1781-1813), American naval officer and hero
* USAF Major Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. (1935-1967) first black astronaut and member of the Air Force's Manned Orbiting Laboratory program
* Stringer Lawrence (1697-1775), English soldier
* Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888-1935), British soldier, known as "Lawrence of Arabia"
* William P. Lawrence, officer in the United States Navy

Television and film

* Florence Lawrence, (1890-1938), was an inventor and silent film actress from Hamilton, Ontario.
* Joey Lawrence, American comic actor
* Martin Lawrence, American actor and comedian
* Sandra Lawrence, British Celebrity Chef
* Sharon Lawrence (born 1961), American television actress
* Vicki Lawrence, American actress and comedian


* Derek Lawrence (record producer)
* Doug Lawrence (jazz) (born 1956), jazz saxophonist with Count Basie Orchestra
* Syd Lawence, founder and leader of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra big band
* Tracy Lawrence, country singer / musician

American community founding

* Abbott Lawrence (1792-1855), noted merchant and founder of Lawrence, Massachusetts
* Orange Lawrence, founder of Orangeville, Ontario


* George Newbold Lawrence (1806-1895), American businessman and amateur ornithologist

Science and medicine

* Ernest Lawrence (1901–1958), Nobel-winning physicist; best known for inventing the cyclotron, and his later work in the Manhattan Project.
* Peter Lawrence, British biologist
* William Lawrence (biologist) (1783-1867), surgeon and natural historian; pre-Darwinian advocate of anthropoid origin of Man


* John P Lawrence, former Senior Advisor on terrorist organisations in the middle east to the Secret Intelligence Service
* Stephen Lawrence (1974-1993), British race hate murder victim

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