1993 in comics

1993 in comics






* Adventures of Superman 500 is released and the Reign of the Supermen begins with four Supermen.


*Cable is released by Marvel Comics as a Monthly title.


* Malibu launches the Ultraverse line of comics in which it states that writers are the true enhancements in comics (a slight on the large volume of foil stamped covers). Said writers include Steve Englehart, Gerard Jones, and Steve Gerber.
* The conclusion to Marvel Comics’ Infinity Trilogy is launched with Infinity Crusade


* July saw the start of the "Summer Offensive" in "2000 AD" when control was handed over to Grant Morrison and Mark Millar. It started in issue 842 [ [http://www.2000adonline.com/?zone=prog&page=profiles&choice=842 2000AD Online - prog zone ] ] with a raft of new titles like "Really & Truly", "Slaughterbowl", "Big Dave" and "Maniac 5" as well as Morrison's run on "Judge Dredd" with "." It drew to a close at the end of August in issue 849. [ [http://www.2000adonline.com/?zone=prog&page=profiles&choice=849 2000AD Online - prog zone ] ]

* DC Comics releases Batman number 500 in which Azrael becomes the new Batman.

* Image and Valiant Comics have a company crossover called Deathmate


* Deadpool # 1 is released by Marvel Comics
* The Fall from Grace storyline debuts in Daredevil 319.



* Green Lantern takes part in the Reign of the Supermen in issue 46
* Mike Carlin and Dan Jurgens relaunch the Metal Men with a four issue limited series
* Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic “dies” in Fantastic Four 381
* Stephen Platt debuts on Moon Knight 55 and becomes extremely popular due to his art style resembling Todd MacFarlane.
*X-Men 2099 debut in "X-Men 2099" #1 - Marvel 2099


* Green Lantern 47 marks the reunion of Green Lantern and Green Arrow
* Wolverine 75 represents a turning point in Wolverine’s life as his adamantium is separated from his body by Magneto.


* Conan the Barbarian is cancelled with issue 275
* Emerald Twilight storyline debuts in Green Lantern 48
* Lobo gets a monthly title from DC Comics
* Malibu Ultraverse launches Break-Thru, the first company wide crossover.
* The Punisher (Marvel Comics) debuts the Suicide Run storyline with issue 85

Exhibitions and shows


* Wizard World Philadelphia, July


First annual publication of the Wizard Fan Awards.

First issues by title

DC Comics

* "Batman: In Darkest Night"
* "Blood Syndicate" (part of Milestone Comics imprint)
* "Bloodlines"
* "Catwoman" monthly series (vol. 1)
* "Chain Gang War"
* "Hardware" (part of Milestone Comics imprint)
* "Hawkman"
* "Icon" (part of Milestone Comics imprint)
* "Justice League Task Force"
* "Legacy of Superman"
* "Lobo" (Monthly)
* "Lobo Annual"
* "Metal Men"
* "Showcase 93"
* "Supergirl"
* "Trinity"

Image Comics

* "1963"

Malibu Ultraverse

* "Break-Thru"
* "Exiles"
* "Hard Case"
* "Mantra"
* "Prime"
* "Sludge"
* "Solitaire"
* "The Strangers"

Marvel Comics

* "Deadpool"
* "Midnight Sons Unlimited"
* "Night Thrasher"
* "Nova"
* "Spider-Man Unlimited"
* "X-Men Unlimited"


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