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Jordan (name)

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The name Jordan can refer to several things. As a name, it comes from the Aramaic Yarden, meaning "one which descends", and assimilated into Latin as "Jordanus". In Arabic it is "Urdunn", in Italian "Giordano", in Spanish "Jordán", in Afrikaans "Jordaan", in French "Jourdain", and in Catalan "Jordà". Jordan can be either a given name or a surname.

It was first used as a first name in English-speaking countries by Crusaders who brought back water from the River Jordan for children to be baptized with. The name was used for a secondary female character, Jordan Baker, by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. Use for some boys was popularized in modern times by basketball star Michael Jordan, while American politician Barbara Jordan also may also have inspired its use for some girls.


*Jordan of Nemi = Jordanus de Nemore, 13th-century European mathematician
*Jordan (bishop of Poland) (d. 982 or 984), first bishop of Poland
*Jordan of Clivio (d.1120), archbishop of Milan
*Jordan of Saxony (d.1237), Dominican master general
*Jordan Catalani (d.1330), Dominican missionary and explorer
*Raymond Jordan
*Samuel M. Jordan, American presbyterian missionary in Persia


*Jordan Lancia (died 1268), victor of Battle of Montaperti
*Jordan de Exeter (died 1258), fought at First Battle of Athenry
*Alfonso Jordan (d. 1148), count of Toulouse and Tripoli
*Jordan I of Capua, prince of Capua
*Jordan II of Capua, prince of Capua
*Jordan of Ariano (d. 1127), Norman count
*Jordan Boyd of Niagara Falls (d. ?), a really cool guy
*Jordan of Hauteville (d. 1092), count of Syracuse
*William-Jordan (d. 1109), count of Cerdagne and Tripoli
*Jordan IV (d. 1288), Lord of L'Isle-Jourdain
*Jordan Pierleoni, leader of the Commune of Rome


* Jordan Kerner, film producer
* Neil Jordan, Irish film director
* Jordan Ladd, American actress


* Hamilton Jordan, advisor to U.S. President Jimmy Carter
*Vernon Eulion Jordan
* Robert Jordan (lawyer), U.S. lawyer and former diplomat


* Armin Jordan (1932–2006), Swiss conductor
* Jordan Rudess (b. 1956), keyboardist for Progressive rock band Dream Theater.
* Benn Jordan (b. 1978), electronic musician
* Louis Jordan (1908–1975), African-American musician and songwriter
* Ronny Jordan (b. 1962), British musician
* Jordan Knight (b. 1970), American pop singer from boy band New Kids on the Block
* Jordan Pruitt (b. 1991), American pop singer
* Jordan Waring (b. 1964), American symphonic composer and banker
* Jordin Sparks (b. 1989), American singer and "American Idol" contestant


* Jordan Fantosme, Anglo-Norman poet and historian
* Jordan Bonel de Confolens, troubadour
* Raimon Jordan, troubadour
* Brent Jordan, writer and strip club bouncer
* Robert Jordan, U.S. fantasy author
* Jordan Baker, fictional character (based on golfer Edith Cummings), in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


* Jordan (Katie Price) (born 1978), British glamour model
* Jordan (Pamela Rooke) (born 1955), a British Punk rock fashion model and actress


* David Starr Jordan (1851–1931), U.S. biologist
* Johann Christoph Jordan, a 18th century slavist
* Pascual Jordan (1902–1980), German physicist
* V. Craig Jordan, British/American pharmacologist
* Wilhelm Jordan, German geodesist
* Camille Jordan, French Mathematician
* Thomas Brown Jordan, engineer
* Jordan = Jordanus de Nemore, 13th-century European mathematician


* Brian Jordan, American baseball player
* Eddie Jordan (basketball), American basketball coach
* Eddie Jordan (formula one), Irish millionaire and former owner of a Formula One team
* Jordan Farmar, American basketball player
* Jeffrey Jordan, American basketball player and son of Michael Jordan
* Lamont Jordan, American football player
* Michael Jordan, American basketball player
* Ola Jordan, Polish dancer
* Orlando Jordan, Professional wrestler


* Jordan = Jordanus de Nemore, 13th-century European mathematician
* Marie Ennemond Camille Jordan (1838–1922), French mathematician


* Tony Jordan, British television writer
* Jordan Sullivan, fictional character played by Christa Miller on the television show "Scrubs"
* Jordan Todosey, Canadian television actress
* Jordan Cavanaugh, A fictional character on the television show "Crossing Jordan"
* Jordan Black, daughter of Frank Black, star of the 1990s FOX series "Millennium"


* Jordan Mechner, game programmer and game designer
* Jordan Maxwell - a researcher about origins of religion and occult
* Jordan Capri - a pornographic actress
* Steven L. Jordan - A Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, the only officer to face trial over the Abu Ghraib detainee-abuse scandal.
* Jordan Catalano portrayed by Jared Leto in the TV Series My So-Called Life

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