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Alf (name)

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The name Alf is derived from "álf", the Old Norse for "elf". It is the shortened form of various Germanic names with "álf" as their first part, notably Alfred.

There are two kings called Alf in Norse mythology:
*Alf son of Sigar, a king in Norse mythology
*Alf son of Alfrek, a Swedish king of the House of Yngling

In some cases, "Alf" may also be derived from Alfons, which doesn't contain the "elf" element, but is derived from "adal-fons" "noble-ready".

List of people called Alf

*Alf Aanning, Norwegian gymnast who competed in the 1920 Olympic Games
*Alf Andersen, Norwegian ski jumper
*Alf Baker, English footballer
*Alf Bamford, English hard trance musician who performs as "Technikal"
*Alf Bicknell, driver and roadie for The Beatles
*Alf, Bill and Fred, American animation about a man, a dog, and a duck
*Alf Blair, Australian rugby player
*Alf Brown, Australian footballer
*Alf Bussell, early Australian settler
*Alf Clausen, American composer
*Alf Cleverley, New Zealand boxer
*Alf Common, English footballer
*Alf Dubs, Baron Dubs, British Labour Party politician and former MP
*Alf Engen, Norwegian skier
*Alf Engers, English racing cyclist
*Alf Eriksson, Swedish politician
*Alf Evers, American historian
*Alf Farman, English footballer
*Alf Freeman, English cricketer
*Alf Garnett, character from the BBC's "Till Death Us Do Part"
*Alf Gover, English cricketer
*Alf-Inge Håland, Norwegian footballer
*Alf Hansen, Norwegian athlete
*Alf Hjort, Norwegian electrical engineer
*Alf Jacobsen, Norwegian sailor who competed in the 1920 Olympic Games
*Alf Khumalo, South African photographer
*Alf Kirchen, English footballer and trainer for Norwich
*Alf Mushpie, a character from the comic strip "Bloom County"
*Alf Landon, American Republican politician defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1936 presidential election
*Alf Lie, Norwegian gymnast
*Alf Lythgoe, English footballer and former manager of Altrincham
*Alf Lennon, John Lennon's father
*Alf Milward, English footballer
*Alf Morgans, former premier of Western Australia
*Alf Morris, Baron Morris of Manchester
*Alf McMichael, Irish footballer who played for Newcastle
*Alf Padgham, British golfer
*Alf Palmer, last native speaker of the Australian aboriginal language Warrungu
*Alf Patchell, Irish footballer
*Alf Perry, English golfer
*Alf Poier, Austrian comedian
*Alf Prøysen, Norwegian writer and musician
*Alf Richards, South African rugby player
*Alf Ridyard, English footballer
*Alf Ringstead, English footballer
*Alf Roberts, character from the British television program "Coronation Street"
*Alf Ross, Danish philosopher of law
*Alf Ivar Samuelsen, Norwegian politician
*Alf Sherwood, Welsh footballer
*Alf Shrubb, English middle distance runner
*Alf Skinner, Canadian ice hockey player
*Alf Steward, English goalkeeper and cricketer
*Alf Sjöberg, Swedish film director
*Alf Smith, Canadian ice hockey player
*Alf Sommerfelt, Norwegian linguist
*Alf Stewart, character from the Australian television program "Home and Away"
*Alf Svensson, Swedish politician
*Alf Svensson (guitarist), Swedish heavy metal guitarist
*Alf Taylor, former governor of Tennessee
*Alf Tupper, character from the comic "Victor"
*Alf Valentine, West Indian cricketer
*Alf Watts, British communist
*Alf West, English footballer who played for Liverpool
*Alf Wit, character in the comic, "The Beano"
*Alf Young, English footballer who played for Huddersfield
*Sir Alf, a character from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" eaten by the Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh
*Sir Alf Ramsay, manager of the English national football team when they won the 1966 World Cup
*'Unlucky' Alf, character in the BBC's "The Fast Show"
*Alf Andersén, one of the earliest Naprapats and Acupuncturists from Sweden.

ee also

* Alf, disambiguation page
* Alfonso
* Alfred
* Alfredo
* Alfie
* Alf (mythology)

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