Spanish West Africa

Spanish West Africa

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "África Occidental Española"
conventional_long_name = Spanish West Africa
common_name = Spanish West Africa
continent = Africa
region = Western Africa
country = Western Sahara
era =
status = Colony
empire = Spain
life_span = 18841958
event_start = Established
year_start = 1884
date_start = December 26
event_end = Disestablished
year_end = 1958
date_end = April 10
event1 =
date_event1 =
event2 =
date_event2 =
event_post =
date_post =
p1 = Tribe
flag_p1 = Allahumahabbah.svg
p2 = Spain under the Restoration
flag_p2 = Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931).svg
p3 = Second Spanish Republic
flag_p3 = Flag of the Second Spanish Republic.svg
s1 = Spanish Sahara
flag_s1 = Flag of Spain 1945 1977.svg
s2 = Ifni
flag_s2 = Flag of Spain 1945 1977.svg
s3 = Morocco
flag_s3 = Flag of Morocco.svg



image_map_caption = Northwestern African territories under Spanish control in 1912, some of which would later be grouped to form Spanish West Africa.
capital = Villa Cisneros
common_languages = Spanish, Arabic
religion = Roman Catholicism, Islam
title_leader = Royal Commissioner
leader1 = Emilio Bonelli Hernando
year_leader1 = 1885-1886
title_representative = Governor
representative1 = José Bermejo López
year_representative1 = 1946-1949 (first)
representative2 = José Héctor Vázquez
year_representative2 = 1958 (last)
title_deputy = High Commissioner
deputy1 = Juan Beigbeder y Atienza
year_deputy1 = 1939-40 (first)
deputy2 = Rafael García Valiño y Marcén
year_deputy2 = 1951-56 (last)
currency = Spanish peseta
footnotes =

Spanish West Africa ( _es. (Territorios de) África Occidental Española) is a former possession in the western Sahara Desert that Spain ruled after giving much of its former northwestern African possessions to Morocco. As a political entity, it included Ifni, on the western coast of Morocco, the Tarfaya Strip, at its southern border, and a stretch of land including and connecting the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. The area between the two cities are under Moroccan sovereignty today, but the ports themselves are autonomous communities of Spain.

Spain also controlled Spanish Sahara (now known as Western Sahara), and the Canary Islands, off the coast, comprise two Spanish provinces.

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