Bánh khoai mì

Bánh khoai mì

"Bánh khoai mì" is a Vietnamese cake made from grated cassava, sugar, coconut milk, and a small amount of salt.

There are two varieties:

*Bánh khoai mì nướng - baked [http://www.maximbakery.com.vn/images/banhngot/b327.jpgphoto]
*Bánh khoai mì hấp - steamed (much less common) [http://community.vietfun.com/attachment.php?s=485efa09822fcad16fc68ea2e5df4086&attachmentid=20849 photo]

A similar cake, made from taro, is called "bánh khoai môn".

External links

* [http://www.earthcare.com.au/recipes.htm#BANH%20KHOAI%20MI%20-%20CASSAVA%20CAKE "Bánh khoai mì" recipe]
* [http://www.maximbakery.com.vn/images/banhngot/b327.jpg"Bánh khoai mì nướng" photo]
* [http://www2.thanhnien.com.vn/Doisong/Amthuc/2005/4/18/107590.tno "Bánh khoai mì" recipe] (Vietnamese)
* [http://dina-n-brian.com/Alice/Banhguide.htm Alice's Guide to Vietnamese Banh]

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