78th Air Base Wing

78th Air Base Wing

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unit_name=78th Air Base Wing

dates= February 1942 — present
country=United States
branch=Air Force
type=Base Support
command_structure=Air Force Material Command
current_commander=Colonel [http://www.robins.af.mil/library/biographies/bio_print.asp?bioID=9123&page=1 Warren Berry]
garrison=Robins Air Force Base
motto=ABOVE THE FOE (Approved 26 Sep 1942.)
The 78th Air Base Wing (78 ABW) is a wing of the United States Air Force stationed at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. The 78th ABW acts as the host unit at Robins.

The wing is assigned to the Air Force Material Command as a direct reporting unit.


Deliver global support to the warfighter by providing and deploying trained, combat-ready Airmen and to provide world-class base operating support to Robins Air Force Base.


78th Civil Engineer Group (78 CEG)

78th Communications Group (78CG)

78th Mission Support Group (78 MSG)
*78th Contracting Squadron (78 CONS)
*78th Logistics Readiness Squadron (78 LRS)
*78th Mission Support Squadron (78 MSS)
*78th Security Forces Squadron (78 SFS)
*78th Services Division

78th Medical Group (78 MDG)

78th Operations Support Squadron (78 OSS)

78th Comptroller Squadron (78 CPTS)



* 78th Pursuit Group (Interceptor), (1942)
* 78th Fighter Group, (1942 - 1950)
* 78th Fighter Wing (1948 – 1950)
* 78th Fighter-Interceptor Wing (1950 – 1956)***
* 78th Fighter Wing (1956 – 1972)
* 78th Flying Training Wing (1972 – 1977)
* 78th Air Base Wing (1994 – Present)

.*** Note: Lineage, honors and history of USAAF World War II 78th Fighter Group bestowed on USAF 78th Fighter-Interceptor Wing, 1952

Bases Assigned

United States Army Air Forces
* Baer Field, Indiana (1942)
* Muroc AAFld, California (1942)
* Hamilton AAld, California (1942)
* RAF Goxhill, England (1942-43)
* RAF Duxford, England (1943-45)
* Camp Kilmer, New Jersey (1945-46)
* Straubing, Germany (1946-47)
* Mitchel Field, New York (1947-48)United States Air Force
* Hamilton Air Force Base, California (1948-52, 1956-1969)
* Webb Air Force Base, Texas (1972-77)
* Robins Air Force Base, Georgia (1994 – Present)

Aircraft Operated

* P-38 Lightning (1942-43)
* P-47 Thunderbolt (1943-44)
* P-51 Mustang (1944-45, 1949-52)
* F-84 Thunderjet (1949-52)
* F-89 Scorpion (1951-52, 1956-59)
* F-86 Sabre (1956-58)
* F-102 Delta Dagger (1957-60)
* F-104 Starfighter (1958-60)
* F-101 Voodoo (1959-68)
* F-106 Delta Dart (1959-60, 1968-69)
* T-37 Tweet (1972-77)
* T-38 Talon (1972-77)
* T-41 Mescalero (1972-73)

World War II

The 78th Fighter Group was activated in 1942. It initially trained for combat with P-38's and served as part of the west coast air defense organization. Moved to England in November 1942 and was assigned to Eighth Air Force. The group lost its P-38's and most of its pilots in February 1943 when they were assigned to Twelfth Air Force for service in the North African campaign.

The group was reassigned to Duxford airfield in April 1943 and reequipped with P-47s. Aircraft of the group were identified by a black/white chequerboard pattern.

The group consisted of the following squadrons:

* 82d Fighter Squadron (MX)
* 83d Fighter Squadron (HL)
* 84th Fighter Squadron (WZ)

From Duxford, the 78th flew many missions to escort B-17/B-24bombers that attacked industries, submarine yards and docks, V-weapon sites, and other targets on the Continent. The unit also engaged in counter-air activities and on numerous occasions strafed and dive-bombed airfields, trains, vehicles, barges, tugs, canal locks, barracks, and troops.

In addition to other operations, the 78th participated in the intensive campaign against the German Air Force and aircraft industry during Big Week, 20-25 Feb 1944 and helped to prepare the way for the invasion of France. The group supported the landings in Normandy in June 1944 and contributed to the breakthrough at St Lo in July.

The group converted to P-51s in December 1944 and participated in the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944-Jan 1945 and supported the airborne assault across the Rhine in March.

The 78th Fighter Group received a Distinguished Unit Citation for activities connected with the airborne attack on Holland in September 1944 when the group covered troop carrier and bombardment operations and carried out strafing and dive-bombing missions. The group received a second DUC for destroying numerous aircraft on five airfields near Prague and Pilsen on 16 April 1945.

The 78th Fighter Group returned to Camp Kilmer New Jersey and October 1945 and was deactivated in place on 18 October.

Cold War

The 78th FG was reactivated in Germany on 20 August 1946 and assigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe for duty with the occupation force.

The unit was transferred, without personnel and equipment, to the United States in June 1947 and had few, if any, personnel assigned until it was equipped with Republic F-84 Thunderjets in the spring of 1949.

Redesignated the 78th Fighter-Interceptor Group in January 1950 as part of Air Defense Command. Squadrons (82d, 83d, 84th FIS) flew numerous interceptors for West Coast air defense. Inactivated on 6 February 1952, reactivated in 1956. The 78th Fighter Wing was the host unit at Hamilton until it was deactivated in 1969.

The 78th Flying Training Wing replaced and absorbed resources of the 3560th Pilot Training Wing at Webb AFB, Texas, on 1 December 1972. Squadrons were 82d, 83d, 3389th Flying Training Sqdns. The wing perforemd pilot training for both USAF and allied officers.

In 1977 the end of the Vietnam War meant a decrease in the need for Air Force pilots and Webb AFB was closed. The 78th FTW was deactivated.

Robins AFB

Since its reactivation in 1994, the 78th Air Base Wing has provided host services and support for the Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center and its tenant organizations.

ee also

* RAF Duxford
* Hamilton Air Force Base


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* [http://www.robins.af.mil/ Robins AFB Home Page]

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