Kim Briggs

Kim Briggs

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Kimberly "Kim" Briggs, M.D. (Elizabeth Banks) is a fictional character on the American comedy-drama "Scrubs". She is a love interest of main character John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff), and gave birth to their child, Sam.


Kim is introduced in the second to last episode of the fifth season, "My Urologist". She is said to have been at the hospital — as a urologist, as the title would suggest — for at least five years, as long as J.D. has. She was present on his first day and during several other events, but J.D. couldn't see her because he cannot see any woman who wears a wedding ring. In that episode, Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) reveals that Kim has been divorced for a year, but she wears her wedding ring to avoid unwanted advances from other doctors.

The two begin dating and, in "My Transition", Kim reveals she is pregnant. Ironically, the two did not actually have sex because they did not want to risk pregnancy; instead, their child was accidentally conceived via premature ejaculation during non-penetrative sex. In "My Best Friend's Baby's Baby And My Baby's Baby", they vacillate between keeping the child or having an abortion. After witnessing the birth of Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla's (Judy Reyes) child, Isabella, they decide to go through the pregnancy and have the child. During this episode, they also have sex for the first time.

In "My House", Kim accepts a position at a hospital in Tacoma, Washington, but says she will return in approximately four months. J.D. decides to make a surprise trip to visit Kim in "My Road to Nowhere" in order to see her first ultrasound, when she reveals she had miscarried. In light of this news, the two have a long conversation about their relationship, ultimately deciding to end it. At the end of the episode, however, she is seen during her ultrasound, having lied to get out of the relationship.

In "My Conventional Wisdom", Turk tries to get J.D.'s mind off of Elliot's engagement by taking him to a medical convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Coincidentally, Kim is speaking at this convention and they learn she is still pregnant. They try to discuss things, but J.D. can't cope with it and leaves. Kim follows J.D. back to Sacred Heart and confronts him while Elliot asks J.D. if he feels her marriage to Keith Dudemeister (Travis Schuldt) is right. J.D. decides to listen to his conscience in "My Rabbit" and support Kim solely for the sake of their son. However, their relationship soon reignites and the two become a couple again. The sixth season ends with J.D. and Elliot in the on-call room, contemplating the imminent changes in their life before moving closer for what the audience are led to believe is a kiss, despite the episode ending directly before this happens.

In the seventh season, J.D. continues to wonder whether he and Kim are right for each other, deliberately avoiding telling her that he loves her. When Kim goes into labor in "My Hard Labor," she demands to know what he really thinks of their relationship. J.D. ultimately tells her the truth -- that he doesn't really love her -- and she is furious. Their son, Sam, is born in that same episode but, as revealed in the following episode, he is living with his mother several miles away. J.D. still sees him frequently, however.

Relationships with other characters


In "My Urologist", J.D. discovers that Kim had actually already worked at Sacred Heart for five years, but had not seen her because she has worn a wedding ring, making her invisible to him. He quickly becomes interested in her, but is disappointed when she passes on a risky surgery to pad her surgical stats. J.D. regains faith in her when she performs the surgery, and J.D. soon asks her out. After a disastrous first date and a better second date on J.D.'s deck, J.D. goes to her two and half weeks later for a third date. Kim reveals that she is pregnant and that the baby is his. It is also later revealed that Kim got pregnant without sex actually taking place ("there was an air strike on the outlying... regions").cite episode
title = My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby | episodelink = My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby | series = Scrubs
serieslink = Scrubs (TV series) | network = NBC | airdate = 2006-12-07
season = 6 | number = 02
] At first they struggle to choose between keeping the baby or having an abortion, but decide to keep it after the birth of Turk and Carla's daughter. While J.D. and Kim find themselves a very compatible couple, she is offered a fellowship from a hospital in Tacoma, Washington. She leaves for Tacoma despite J.D.'s initial objections, and they attempt to maintain a long distance relationship. When J.D. visits Tacoma for her first ultrasound, she tells J.D. that she had a miscarriage and that she had decided to stay in Tacoma permanently. After re-evaluating their relationship, they break up. At the end of "My Road to Nowhere", Kim is shown having an ultrasound, revealing that she lied to J.D. about the miscarriage as a way out of the relationship.

Kim returns in the episode "My Conventional Wisdom", when J.D. sees her at a medical convention and finds out that she lied to him about the miscarriage and is very much pregnant. Despite Kim's pleas for him to stay and talk it over, J.D. leaves her at the convention and heads home. Kim, however, follows him and shows up at the hospital desperate to talk. In the episode "My Rabbit" J.D. and Kim discuss their baby issues despite J.D.'s apparent reluctance. He eventually forgives her, and they end up becoming a couple again. They also decide to name their baby Sam (Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian), after J.D.'s dad, Dr. Cox, and Gilligan (the latter due to a bet he'd lost with Turk). In the next episode, "My Point of No Return" J.D. convinces her to leave behind her old job and apartment, and for her to move in with him, and get a job at Sacred Heart. At the end of the episode, however, J.D. begins to doubt his dedication to Kim, realizing their relationship has progressed far too quickly and he may have made a huge mistake. Talking with Elliot, and possibly looking for a way out, the two begin to rekindle their feelings and lean in to kiss.

In the first episode of season 7, "My Own Worst Enemy", JD realizes through Turk that he doesn't have any strong romantic feelings for Kim, and probably never will. He accepts that he is only staying with her because there is a child involved, and that because of this, he will stay with her forever. In the next episode, "My Hard Labor", Kim goes into labor and then begins a discussion with J.D. about their relationship, forcing him to admit that he didn't love her. This causes Kim to break the relationship off with J.D. and send him out of the birthing room, but J.D. later reenters the room, braving Kim's angry abuse to be with his child. While holding their new born child, Kim says that while her relationship with J.D. may be over, in a way it is also just beginning and lets J.D. hold Sam.

Elliot Reid

Kim had become one of Elliot's best friends outside the close group of Elliot, Carla, Turk and J.D. long before she was introduced to the show. According to JD, They "Bonded over their ability to communicate at the speed of light" describing on how the both talked really fast to each other. Elliot is also one of the few people to know that Kim had worn her wedding ring so she wouldn't get hit on at the hospital. Elliot, like most hospital staffers, is angry at Kim for lying about the miscarriage, but nonetheless finds it harder to be as mean as Carla and some of the other staff had been. Elliot later sides with Kim when J.D. says that there was no chance of him getting back together with her, telling J.D. to be more comforting to the mother of his child. When Kim is in labor, and angrily banishes J.D. from the birthing room, Kim calls Elliot and asks her to come and help her through labor.

Carla Espinosa

Unike Elliot, Carla was not one of Kim's best friends before she was introduced on the show. In "My Transition", Elliot and Kim are discussing the upcoming baby shower for Carla and Kim is noted as saying "I got her a gift, but we're not close..." referring to Carla and her upcoming shower. This is revealed while J.D. is pondering about how Elliot and Kim can communicate at the speed of light.

Chris Turk

Turk had been the one to introduce Kim and J.D. Their relationship is cordial, and Turk is usually quick to defend Kim, until she lies about being pregnant.

Perry Cox

Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) initially resents Kim when she is introduced to the show because she passes on a risky procedure because it could hurt her record. He eventually forgives her, saying it is not her fault that the system is broken. Upon the discovery she had lied about her miscarriage, he pretended to be amicable with her as an insult to J.D. before later telling him that, while what Kim did was wrong, as a pregnant woman she's allowed to be act irrationally. Kim also attends the christening of Cox's daughter, Jennifer Dylan.


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