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IssueNet is a comprehensive issue management system developed by Elsinore Technologies Inc. IssueNet represents a complete rewrite of the predecessor, Visual Intercept. IssueNet spent over 3 years in development before the initial release in February 2006.

IssueNet System

An IssueNet system consists of one or more solutions and one or more product modules.

Solutions are packages installed into the database that extend the platform for a specific business purpose such as defect tracking or help desk.

Product modules are runnable windows applications, plugins to 3rd party windows applications, or ASP.NET web applications.


IssueNet Intercept for Defect Tracking

Intercept evolved from the existing product line dating back to 1995. The Intercept solution defines object classes such as a "SoftwareDefect", "SoftwareRequirement", "SoftwareComponent", and "HardwareComponent" that are integral to defect tracking. Workflows include "Review Software Issue", "Fix Software Defect", and "Implement Software Requirement". The Intercept solution also includes integrations into several source code control systems including Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, and Perforce.

IssueNet Assist for Help Desk

Assist offers a set of object classes and workflows for an external help desk system. Classes include "SupportTicket", "CorporateCustomer", and "CustomerContact". Workflows include "Resolve Support Request" and "Request Engineering". This solution is primarily used by product vendors.

IssueNet Oversight for IT Change Management

Oversight offers a set of object classes and workflows for an IT change management system. The Oversight solution is similar in many areas to the Core solution because of the dynamic nature of change management in different organizations.

IssueNet Core for Custom Solutions

Core provides a very basic set of objects that are useful for either general issue tracking or a baseline for a custom solution. The solution is typically customized heavily to meet exact requirements of an organization. Sample workflows include "Simple Workflow" and "Complex Workflow".

Product Modules

IssueNet Manager

The IssueNet Manager is a Windows Forms application providing full access to an IssueNet system for end users. The application allows management of projects, folders, issues, tasks, and contacts.

IssueNet Administrator

The IssueNet Administrator is a Windows Forms application providing administrative access to an IssueNet system. Typically a single person in an organization uses the application to manage users, security groups, workflows, notifications, and reports.

IssueNet Architect

The IssueNet Architect is a Windows Forms application providing solution developer access to an IssueNet system. The application is typically used by system integrators or developers within an organization. Solutions can be created that include customized classes, forms, scripts, and workflows.

IssueNet Workspace

IssueNet Workspace is a set of plugins to various Microsoft applications. Workspace offers limited functionality typically context sensitive host application. Host applications include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft Project.

IssueNet Relay

IssueNet Relay is an ASP.NET web application providing limited access to an IssueNet system. Relay is typically geared towards external users that need to submit issues.

IssueNet Insight

IssueNet Insight is an ASP.NET web application providing a "dashboard"-like view of an IssueNet system. Insight is based on ASP.NET WebParts which are the same programming constructs using in Windows SharePoint Services.

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