Erg (disambiguation)

Erg (disambiguation)

An erg is a unit of energy.

Erg may also refer to:

* Another name for a rowing machine
* Erg (novel), a creature in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons
* erg, or ergometer, another name for an indoor rower
* Erg (comics)
* ERG (gene)
* Erg (landform)
* ERG Group, a company specializing in smart card ticketing systems

ERG may stand for:

* Education Reference Group, a grouping of Connecticut school districts
* Electronic Route Guidance System, a 1970s-era navigation system
* Electroretinography, used to measure electrical responses in eyes
* Emergency Response Guidebook, a manual used by rescue workers
* English Riviera Geopark
* European Regulators Group, a European body for reflection, debate and advice in the electronic communications regulatory field
* Existence, Relatedness and Growth theory, a psychological theory stated by Clayton Alderfer

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