Regional Training Centre

Regional Training Centre

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Regional Training Centres were created from the previously existing Specialist Training Teams to provide training for the United Kingdom Territorial Army (TA). They are administered as part of the local Regional Brigade in that area [cite web|url=|title=4th Division Regional Training Centre] .

They run recruit selection [cite web|url=|title=OVERVIEW OF THE TERRITORIAL ARMY|quote=Recruit Selection also takes place at the RTCs and is a day long version of what Regular Army candidates undergo at the ADSCs with the exception of doing the BARB test while on selection.] provide initial recruit training for all TA soldiers, except those joining UKSF(R) units and the Honourable Artillery Company who are trained within their own units [cite web|url=|publisher=4 Div RTC|title=RECRUIT TRAINING COURSES|quote=recruits will undertake recruit selection (Pt 1A) at either their unit, or, at a Recruit Selection Centre, then undertake a generic training (Pt 1B) over six weekends. Non-Infantry recruits will then be tested before going on to complete their recruits course (Pt 1C) as delivered by ATRA. Infantry recruits will not be tested at this stage, but, will continue their training over a further three weekends before undertaking CIC training] [cite web|url=|title=Frequently Asked Questions|publisher=HAC|accessdate=2 Jun 08|quote=The HAC runs two Recruits' courses each year, beginning in February/March and September/October. The Recruits course lasts six months and involves training each Tuesday evening, roughly one weekend a month and a ten day final assessment.] [cite web|url=|publisher=MoD|title=Special Air Service (Reserve) - (SAS(R))|accessdate=6 Jun 08] . They are also responsible for training TA Officer Cadets prior their Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) [cite web|url=|title=RMAS courses|quote=TA Commissioning Course (TACC) The aim of the TACC is to assess the suitability of TA potential officers for commissions in the TA. The course is two weeks long and is run at the same time as the TAPC - ie, four times a year in January, May, July and September. There is normally an intake of up to 60 cadets.]

They also continue the role of the Specialist Training Teams in providing courses to qualify TA personnel in Range Management and Marksmanship Coaching, Battlefield Casualty Drills and CBRN skills [cite web|url=|title=4th Division Regional Training Centre] .

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