Another Monty Python Record

Another Monty Python Record

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Type = Album
Artist = Monty Python

Released = 1971
Recorded = 1971
Genre = Comedy
Length =
Label = Charisma Records
Producer = Terry Jones
Michael Palin
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*Allmusic Rating|4|5 [ link]
Last album = "Monty Python's Flying Circus"
This album = "Another Monty Python Record"
Next album = "Monty Python's Previous Record"

"Another Monty Python Record" is the second album produced by the Monty Python comedy group, released in 1971. It was packaged as "Beethoven Symphony No. 2 In D Major", but defaced by the Pythons to serve as their own record jacket. (The "serious" liner notes on the back also bear a Pythonesque stamp: the biography of Beethoven quickly turns into a commentary on Beethoven's Wimbledon debut.) Most of the material is from the "Monty Python's Flying Circus" television series, although some of the sketches are new. Included with the original LP were three card inserts printed with detailed instructions, scripts and cut-out props for the 'Be A Great Actor' sketch on side 2.

Terry Jones noted on this album in the book "The Pythons"::"We had this horrendous time because we were recording in this rather hippy recording studio which fortunately I can't remember the name of. ... We were very keen to use the stereo and everything, but what we hadn't realised was that the guy who was doing the recording, who I think was out of his head most of the time, had not been making any notes. We'd end up with tapes and tapes of material with no idea of where anything was on the tapes ... That was a bitter experience."

Track listing - Record

The list of sketches below is the list on the actual record, however there were other sketches featured.

ide one

# Apologies - 2:00
# Spanish Inquisition - 2:49
# World Forum - 4:00
# Gumby Theatre, etc. - 2:58
# The Architect - 4:10
# The Piranha Brothers - 9:50

ide two

# Death of Mary, Queen of Scots - 2:35
# Penguin on the TV - 2:58
# Comfy Chair/Sound Quiz - 3:29
# Be A Great Actor/Theatre Critic - 4:21
# Royal Festival Hall Concert - 4:09
# Spam - 2:24
# The Judges/Stake Your Claim - 3:27
# Still No Sign of Land (Lifeboat)/Undertaker - 5:29

2006 Bonus tracks

#Treadmill Lager (alternate version from "Contractual Obligation Album")
#Bishop at Home (Mr. Stoddard)
#Court Room Sketch
#Freelance Undertaker

LP Philips 6369 913 (Australia 1972)

The actual tracks found on the Australian version of this album.
1 Apologies (2:11)
2 Spanish Inquisition (2:03)
3 Gumby Theatre (1:50)
4 Norman St John Polevaulter (Contradicting People) (0:28)
5 Old Ladies Thrown Into The Fjord (0:08)
6 The Architect (2:44)
7 Spanish Inquisition (1:18)
8 Royal Festival Hall Concert (4:18)
9 The Piranha Brothers (10:07)
10 Death Of Mary, Queen Of Scots (2:20)
11 Spam (2:30)
12 Spanish Inquisition (Comfy Chair) (1:25)
13 Sound Quiz (1:20)
14 Be A Great Actor (3:07)
15 Theatre Critic (1:26)
16 The Judges (1:27)
17 Stake Your Claim (2:26)
18 Still No Sign Of Land (Lifeboat)
19 The Judges (0:25)
20 Undertaker (1:38)

Musical works

The following is the list of musical works included on the album, printed on the CD booklet for copyright purposes. They are a mixture of self-penned Python songs, specially composed music by Fred Tomlinson, and pieces of library music.

# Trondheim Hammer Dance
# Liberty Bell
# Fanfare Opening
# Formal Presentation
# Contesana Padawana
# Man of Power
# Gold Lame
# Southern Breeze
# Spam Song
# Bahama Parakeet
# House of Fashion
# Circus Tumble
# Fanfare A
# Mystery Drums
# Mystery Place
# Ode to Edward
# In Step With Johann
# Knees Up Mother Brown

Distribution Information

*LP: (1970) Charisma Records Ltd., CAS 1049 (UK)
*LP: (1972) Charisma CAS 1049 (U.S.) (with different running-order and material)
*LP: (1972) Philips 639 913 (Aust) (with different running-order and material)
*LP: (1972) Buddah, **** (U.S.)
*LP: (1988) Virgin Records Ltd., CHC 79 (UK) (budget price)
*LP: (19**) Virgin MP501 (UK)
*CD: (1989) Virgin Records Ltd. CASCD 1049 ("Another Monty Python CD") (U.S.)
*CD: (1994) Virgin Records, Ltd., VCCD 001 (UK) ("Another Monty Python CD" version 2, re-issue)

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