Mold (disambiguation)

Mold (disambiguation)

Mold or mould may refer to:

In natural science:

  • Mold or mould, a kind of fungus
  • Slime mold or mould, a kind of protist
  • Water mold or mould, or oomycete, a kind of protist
  • Leaf mold or mould, composted soil or earth, particularly loose soil suitable for planting

In places:

In people:

  • Arthur Mold, fast bowler for Lancashire in the 1890s
  • Betty Mould-Iddrisu, Ghanian lawyer and politician
  • Bob Mould, musician with alternative rock bands Hüsker Dü and Sugar
  • Brooks K. Mould, American music publisher
  • Billy Mould, former English footballer
  • Eric Moulds, former American footballer
  • George Moulds, English cricketer
  • Air Commodore Gordon Moulds, former Commander of Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan
  • Jacob Wrey Mould, English-born architect, illustrator, linguist and musician
  • James Mould, former Canadian politician
  • Jeremy Mould, Australian astronomer
  • John Stuart Mould, former Australian military person
  • Johnny Mold, America snowmobile racer
  • Jon Mould, Welsh racing cyclist
  • Nathan Moulds, former Australian footballer
  • Philip Mould, English art dealer

In other uses:

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  • Molding (disambiguation)

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