Anamorphosis (disambiguation)

Anamorphosis (disambiguation)

Anamorphosis or anamorphism may refer to any of the following:
*Anamorphosis, in art, the representation of an object as seen, for instance, altered by reflection in a mirror
*Anamorphism, in computer science, is a concept from functional programming grounded in category theory.
*Anamorph, an asexual reproductive stage (morph), often mold-like. Anamorphic refers to something characterized by an anamorph or to an abnormal change giving the appearance of a different species as in the case of fungi or lichens
*Anamorphosis (biology), a limited type of metamorphosis in which an arthropod adds extra body segments during ecdysis, while retaining the same general form and habits

ee also

* Anamorphic format, a widescreen film technique
* Anamorphic widescreen, a widescreen video encoding concept

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