Hugh Cortazzi

Hugh Cortazzi

Sir Arthur Henry Hugh Cortazzi GCMG (May 2, 1924- ) is a British knight and diplomat. He is also distinguished as an international businessman, academic, author and prominent Japanologist. Sir Hugh has been the Ambassador from the United Kingdom to Japan (1980-84), President of the Asiatic Society of Japan (1982-1983) and Chairman of the Japan Society of London (1985-95).Japan Society Archives: [ GB 2247 CORTAZZI] ]

Cortazzi retired from public service after his years as British ambassador to Japan, but in private life, he has continued to work promoting better Anglo-Japanese relations. In addition to the books he has since written or edited, he has regularly carved out time to write reviews and a [ recurring column] in the Japan Times.Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation: [ book launch] ]

In 2006, Cortazzi's translation of the Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito's account of his time at Oxford was published as "The Thames and I". [see above] ]

Early life

His 1998 autobiography was published under the title, "Japan and Back, and Places Elsewhere." [see above] ] Cortazzi was educated at Sedbergh School, St Andrews and London universities. He served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the year from 1943 through 1947, after which he joined the Foreign Office. [see above] ]

Diplomatic career

After the War, the British Foreign Office posted Cortazzi to Singapore (1950-1951) and to Tokyo, (1951-1954). After returning to Whitehall (1954-1958), he was posted to Bonn (1958-1960). Another stint in Tokyo (1961-1965) preceded his return to London (1965-1966). Another posting in Tokyo (1966-1970) was followed by a different kind of opportunity at the Royal College of Defence Studies (1971-1972), after which he was posted to Washington, D.C. (1972-1975). [see above] ]

In 1975, Cortazzi was appointed Deputy Under-Secretary of State. The next few years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1975-1980) preceded his appointment as Her Majesty's Ambassador to Japan in 1980. [see above] ]

In 1980, the Queen raised Sir Hugh to the rank of Knight Commander the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George. He spent the next four years in Tokyo. [see above] ]


After retiring from diplomatic service, Sir Hugh diversified his experiences with time spent as a Director of Hill Samuel & Co., later Hill Samuel Bank (1984-1991). He has been a Director of Director: Foreign and Colonial Pacific Trust since 1984; a Director of GT Japan Investment Trust since 1984; and a Director of Thornton Pacific (formerly Pacific) Investment Trust since 1986. Since 1992, he has been pleased to serve as a Senior Adviser to a number of Japanese multi-national businesses with significant interests in the United Kingdom -- such as, NEC Corporation, Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank, Bank of Kyoto. [see above] ]

Sir Hugh has been a member of the Economic and Social Research Council (1984-1989); a member of the Council and Court, University of Sussex (1985-1992); and Honorary Fellow of Robinson College, University of Cambridge, (1988). [see above] ]


* University of Stirling, Honorary doctorate, 1988. [see above] ]
* Order of the Sacred Treasure, Grand Cordon (Japan), 1995. [see above] ]
* (CMG), 1969. [see above] ]
* (KCMG), 1980. [see above] ]
* (GCMG), 1984. [see above] ]

elected works

Sir Hugh has written, edited, translated or contributed to a number of books on the history of Anglo-Japanese relations, and Japanese history or culture. [see above] ] He has also written articles on Japanese themes in English and Japanese publications. [see above] ]

* 2007 - Cortazzi, Hugh. "Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits," vol. VI. Folkestone, Kent: Global Oriental. [reprinted by University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 2007. 10-ISBN 1-905-24633-1; 13-ISBN 978-190-524633-5 (cloth)]

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* 1984 - ______________. "Higashi No Shimaguni, Nishi No Shimaguni" (collection of articles and speeches in Japanese)

* 1984 - ______________. [ "For Japanese students of English: Thoughts from a Sussex Garden"] (essays). Tokyo: Eichosha Shinsha

* 1983 - ______________. [ "Isle of Gold: Antique Maps of Japan".] Boston: Weatherhill. 10-ISBN 0-834-80184-1; 13-ISBN 978-0-834-80184-4 (cloth)

* 1980 - ______________. "The Lucky One and Other Humorous Stories"

* 1972 - ______________. "The Guardian God of Golf and other humorous stories" [reprinted as "The Lucky One", 1980]

* 2004 - Hiro no Miya Naruhito. [ "The Thames and I: A Memoir Of Two Years At Oxford"] (tr., Hugh Cortazzi). Folkestone, Kent: Global Oriental.

* 2000 - Shillony, Ben-Ami. [ "Collected Writings of Ben-Ami Shillony"] (eds., Carmen Blacker and Hugh Cortazzi). London: Routledge. 10-ISBN 1-873-41099-9 (cloth)

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* 1972 - Keita Genji. [ "The Ogre and other stories of the Japanese Salarymen"] (tr., Hugh Cortazzi). Tokyo: Japan Times.



* Cortazzi, Hugh. [ "A Japanese sense of humor?"] "Japan Times." March 27, 2007.
* [ "Birthdays: Hugh Cortazzi,"] " Times" (London). May 2, 2006.

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