Maneuverable reentry vehicle

Maneuverable reentry vehicle
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The maneuverable reentry vehicle (abbreviated MARV or MaRV) is a type of ballistic missile warhead capable of shifting targets in flight. Refer to atmospheric reentry.

There are several types, of which examples include:

  • the version designed for the Trident missile, which had to be able to evade Soviet anti-ballistic missile systems.
  • the active radar terminal-guidance version with pinpoint accuracy for the MGM-31C Pershing II missile
  • B-611
  • DF-15
  • the high hypersonic land-based anti-ship ballistic missile variant of the DF-21
  • DF-31
  • DF-41
  • JL-2
  • the warheads used by the Topol-M and RS-24 missile which are designed to defeat most US ABM systems.

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