Acetylene Lamp

Acetylene Lamp

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Acetylene Lamp , also known as Drake is a fictional character created by Osamu Tezuka who recurrently appears in his works, usually in a villainous role.


He is a tall middle-aged man with a thin nose, large forehead, wide frowny eyes and often a small moustache with big glasses. He has a "notch" on the back of his head, and there is a running gag throughout Tezuka's work about how a lit candle will stand upright if placed in the notch on the back of one of this character's head (Tezuka even describes this in one of the manga, saying that he based the character on a classmate). In fact, almost every time Lamp appears in a story, there will be a panel showing him having a lit candle on this notch.

Acetylene Lamp made regular appearances in "Astro Boy". Also appeared in Tezuka's "Adolf" and in "Phoenix". He also was the president's secretary in "Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis". The candle is a plot point in the game "".

Prominent roles

*"Film Crew Member" in Jungle Kingdom - 1948
*"Acetylene Lamp" in Lost World
*"Eric" in X-Point on the South Pacific
*"Yagyu Shuma" in The Plain of Abusegahara
*"Lamp" in Captain Ken - 1960
*"Acetylene Lamp" in - 1979 anime
*"Lamp" in The Stories of Three Adolfs - 1983
*"Acetylene Lamp" in Metropolis - 2001 anime
*"Inspector" in Black Jack- manga and anime
*"Drake" in Astro Boy - 2003 anime

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