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"Hot Press" is a fortnightly music and political magazine founded in 1977, based in Dublin, Ireland. It is distinguished by its anti-establishment stance and championing of Irish music, most notably early U2. The magazine has been edited since its inception by Niall Stokes. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it had a circulation of 19,215 during 2007. It has won a number of PPAI Awards, including Website of the Year (2003 & 2007), Magazine of the Year (2002) and Publisher of the Year (2004). Rory Gallagher featured on the cover of the first issue. [cite web|url=|title="HOT PRESS - WHO WE ARE…"|accessdate=2008-09-20|publisher=The Music Show] The magazine title is a play on the term "hot press", a common Irish term referring to a domestic .

Regular features

* The Mad Hatter's Box - A random well-known person is asked random questions about themselves.
* The Shooting Gallery - Features letters from readers, responses from the editorial team to these letters and choice cuts from the HOTPRESS Message board. A Letter of the Fortnight is selected to win a €20 Dolphin Discs voucher.
* The Message An article by someone, usually the editor, Niall Stokes. Notable exceptions include the 2006 Christmas Special which featured a Christmas Message from Podge and Rodge who wrote of how Ballydung Manor had been "inundated with D to Z list celebs for much of the year".
* Music News with Stuart Clark. Features the latest from the Irish music scene as well as international events.
* Frontlines - Investigation and analysis of a significant piece of current affairs, e.g. Youtube, Borat, drink-driving...
* Sexed Up with Anne Sexton. Features stories from her life, top sex tips, the sex life of a well-known person and "The Sex O'Clock News" (a look at the latest sexual innovations).
* Bootboy with Dermod Moore - A personal take on sex, men, politics...
* Sounding Off - The latest from the music scene in general. Contains interviews with bands and musicians.
* What's Going On - A complete guide to what's happening at the moment with extensive listings covering TV, radio, gigs, comedy, clubbing,exhibitions and theatre.
* The Moviehouse with Tara Brady. Features movie reviews and interviews with actors, directors, producers, etc.
* At Home With... - A piece about life at home with a well-known person.
* On The Game with John Walshe. Features games reviews.
* Hot Looks - Fashion feature where a guest shows off their unique style.
* Hoot Press - Comedy guide.
* Garageland - A comprehensive section covering news, views, information, gossip and demos on the homefront.
* Folk Centre with Greg McAteer. Features the latest news from the world of folk and traditional music.
* Hit The North with Colin Carberry. Features the latest music news from Northern Ireland.
* Charts - Top 30 singles and albums, what we were listening to 10 years ago, and download and ringtone charts.
* The Phantom - Out and about stories with images of social events and people.



A large number of the most popular artists from the world of rock’n’roll and pop music have been interviewed by "Hot Press", including those as diverse as David Bowie, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., Kate Bush, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, The Smiths, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Oasis, Blur, New Order, 50 Cent, Green Day, Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Kylie Minogue, Westlife, Massive Attack, Alicia Keys, David Gray, P.J. Harvey Robbie Williams, Beyonce, and many more.

In recent times, "Hot Press" has published interviews with the new breed of modern rock band, championing Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Maxïmo Park, Muse, Razorlight, HARD-Fi and Keane among others. In 2006, "Hot Press" also interviewed some of the more popular emerging solo artists and songwriters of that year from James Blunt and Sandi Thom to Lily Allen and Nellie Furtado.

Well-known Irish artists from U2 and Enya through Bob Geldof, Sinéad O'Connor, The Cranberries, The Frames, Snow Patrol, Damien Rice and Ash to David Holmes, The Thrills and The Corrs have been interviewed extensively by the magazine, as well as the more recent or up-and-coming Irish artists such as Bell X1, Humanzi, Future Kings of Spain, Delorentos, Director, The Blizzards and Republic of Loose, as well as reviewing music from The Marshals, The Immediate, Ham Sandwich, The Flaws, Travega and The Aftermath.


"Hot Press" covers all the major international music events, as well as Irish festivals such as Oxegen, Electric Picnic, Live at the Marquee, Cois Fharraige and Heineken Green Energy.
* "Hot Press" released a special edition of their magazine in the weeks leading up to the Electric Picnic which took place in September 2006. Its cover was filled with those bands and artists who played the festival. The issue featured interviews with the bands that played at the festival. A free CD was also distributed with each issue featuring ten songs from these artists, including Bloc Party, Duke Special, Broken Social Scene, Gang of Four, Hot Chip and Elbow.
* A similar edition was published prior to the 2008 festival in August 2008, which included a free CD entitled "Unlaoised". The Flaws, Boss Volenti and Dark Room Notes were amongst the bands whose music was featured on the CD. [cite web|url=|title="Un Laoised…"|date=2008-08-19|accessdate=2008-08-22|publisher="Hot Press"]
* A CD featuring artists from Cork was free with a special edition of "Hot Press" published before Live at the Marquee in June 2008.

Music-related interviews

Over the years "Hot Press" has featured some of the most significant stories in the music world, both in Ireland and internationally:
* Having discovered U2 in Dublin in the late 1970s, "Hot Press" coverage of the rise of the band was significant in its depth and insight, leading the band to international success.
* Sinéad O'Connor talked first to "Hot Press" about her lesbianism – the story later hit the headlines around the world.
* "Hot Press" writer Stuart Clark was present on the day that Oasis came closest to splitting up. He gained an insight into the life of Noel Gallagher, including an interruption to the interview during which the Oasis songwriter was told that Liam would not be gigging with the band that night.

"Fuck, no way man," he (Noel Gallagher) insists. "I'll probably get away with it tonight but I'm not as good a singer as he is. I'd much rather be stood in front of me amplifier doing the odd backing-vocal. The cunt! I tell you what I'm tempted to do - go on stage and tell the crowd his room number so they can go round the hotel and get their money back off him." [ [ The First Noel ] ]

* In a historic moment in rock music, "Hot Press" engineered the first meeting between Bono and Bob Dylan when they asked the U2 singer to interview the songwriting legend for the magazine and he agreed.
* Reporter Steve Cummins boarded the Babyshambles tour bus and provided a compelling close-up view of the bizarre and chaotic life of Pete Doherty and his band of rock’n’roll outlaws.


"Hot Press" has had a strong liberal left wing stance on politics and social issues. During the 2007 General Election it supported many smaller left wing parties such as the Green Party and Labour. It currently is critical of the Fianna Fáil government, pro Seanad reform and was opposed to the June 2007 decision of the Irish Film Censor's Office to ban the videogame "Manhunt 2"cite web|url=|title=MANHUNT 2 VIDEO GAME PROHIBITED|accessdate=2007-06-19|date=2007-06-18|publisher=IFCO|quote=A prohibition order has been made by IFCO in relation to the video game "Manhunt 2". The Order was made on June 18 2007 under Sec 7 (1) (b) of the Video Recordings Act 1989 which refers to ‘acts of gross violence or cruelty (including mutilation and torture)’.] This is the first time a video game has been refused certification by the IFCO. []

Politics-related interviews

"Hot Press" has interviewed among others President of Sinn Féin, Gerry Adams, DUP's Ian Paisley, Jr. MLA, leader of the Green Party, John Gormley and Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen.

In his May 2007 interview with Jason O'Toole, former Minister for Health Cowen admitted to smoking marijuana, saying,

"Anyone who went to the UCD bar in the ‘70s that didn’t get a whiff of marijuana would be telling you a lie. I would say there were a couple of occasions when it was passed around – and, unlike President Clinton, I did inhale! There wasn’t a whole lot in it really – (it was like) a Sweet Afton, as a 10-year-old, under a railway bridge on a rainy day, in small town Ireland in the late ‘60s. I certainly got more enjoyment out of a few pints."
This confession later provoked much criticism from opposition parties in the Dáil. [cite web |url=|title="The man who would be king"|accessdate=2007-12-14] Mr. Cowen later became Taoiseach following the resignation of Bertie Ahern.

In June 2007, DUP's Ian Paisley, Jr. MLA caused uproar in an interview with "Hot Press" by publicly denouncing acts associated with homosexuality. This was the year before Iris Robinson, wife of First Minister, Peter Robinson made her thoughts on the issue. [cite web |url=|title="The Junior Minister has his say about gays"|accessdate=2008-07-30]


The "Hot Press Annual 2007" (published in 2006) featured interviews with the Scissor Sisters and others. The cover was graced by Jake Shears. The cover of the 2006 Christmas issue of "Hot Press" featured illustrations of musical personalities from Ireland and abroad. They were created by the animation team Eyebrowy [] who have featured on Dave Fanning's "The Last Broadcast" and at the Electric Picnic. 2006's other covers included bands as diverse as The Killers, Snow Patrol, U2, Muse and The Frames.

The first issue of 2007 was a "Simpsons" special where there is an exclusive interview with the show's executive producer Mike Scully. It included musicians such as Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody and other well-known people talking about their favourite Simpsons shows/moments. It also previewed the best of what was to come throughout the year in the worlds of music, film, sport and politics. 2007 was also the year that "Hot Press" announced a war against ticket touts following a number of high profile incidents, such as the Arcade Fire ticket fiasco. [] A number of fans were consulted for their views on the incident and were clearly angered. [] Bands to feature on the cover in 2007 included Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, The View and The White Stripes. Kele Okereke was featured on the front cover of the bumper Christmas issue.

Radiohead featured on the cover of the "Hot Press Annual 2008" (published in late 2007). As well as a general review of the year incorporating news stories and best of lists, there were lengthy interviews with Iggy Pop, Klaxons, Sugababes, The Coronas, golfer Pádraig Harrington and comedian Neil Delamere, while the infamous Katy French interview (see below) was also revisited. [ [ IN THE HOT PRESS ANNUAL 2008...] ]

2008 saw "Hot Press" break the news of the 2008 BCI Irish music crisis. [cite web|url=|title="REM help industry to redefine Irish music…"|date=2008-03-14|accessdate=2008-03-14|publisher="Irish Independent"] [cite web|url=|title="BCI defends Irish music rules…"|date=2008-03-14|accessdate=2008-03-16|publisher=Phantom FM] [cite web|url=|title="REM qualifies as Irish music for airplay…"|date=2008-03-13|accessdate=2008-03-13|publisher="Hot Press"] [cite web|url=|title="'Shame on them': Musicians react to BCI airplay clarification…"|date=2008-03-14|accessdate=2008-03-14|publisher="Hot Press"] [cite web|url=|title="'This is crazy': Louis Walsh…"|date=2008-03-14|accessdate=2008-03-14|publisher="Hot Press"] [cite web|url=|title="Radio directors say they’re behind Irish acts…"|date=2008-03-14|accessdate=2008-03-15|publisher="Hot Press"] [cite web|url=|title="Is Irish radio fair to Irish music?…"|date=2008-03-13|accessdate=2008-04-27|publisher="Hot Press"]

Katy French interview

In an interview with "Hot Press"'s Jason O'Toole [ [ "This year's model"] - "Hot Press" Oct 26 2007] model Katy French revealed that she would consider having an abortion if she got pregnant during the peak of her career and that she loved fur despite being a "massive animal lover". She also aired her religious beliefs (she was a Protestant but also practised Catholicism) and spoke highly of Islam and her Muslim friends saying,

"When you read the Koran, you realise that Islam is a beautiful religion".
In the same interview she was asked if she had ever used cocaine and denied ever having done so. ["Blessing of troubled teenage years" - Irish Independent WEEKEND REVIEW - Sat. Dec 8 2007, p.5] Yet in November 2007, French confessed to an Irish tabloid that she had previously been a regular abuser of cocaine in the past only to be come disillusioned with this. In the early hours of Sunday December 2, Katy collapsed at a friend's house in Ashbourne, County Meath. She died at Our Lady's Hospital in Navan on the evening of December 6 just six weeks after her "Hot Press" interview was published. The interview became a regular source of information for newspaper reports in the aftermath, and was revisited in the "Hot Press Annual 2008" which went to press just as she died.


"Hot Press" has published a number of books:
*"A Man In A Woman's World"by Jackie Hayden, general manager of Hot Press (co-published in Nov 2007 with Killynon House Books.)
*" [ Diary Of A Man] ", by Dermod Moore, 2005. A collection of essays by the magazine's columnist aka Bootboy.
*"The Rooms", by Declan Lynch, 2005. The third novel from Declan Lynch.
*"The Palace of Wisdom (Sex Lines & The Story of O)", by Olaf Tyaransen (2004, 2002, 2000) (all of Olaf Tyaransen's books have covers featuring paintings by Irish Artist Graham Knuttel
*"McCann: War & Peace in Northern Ireland", by Eamonn McCann, 1998.
*"My Boy", by Philomena Lynott with Jackie Hayden, 1996 Synopsis: The story of Phil Lynott as told by his mother. It is also her story, from the days as a single mother bringing up a young black child in Manchester and Dublin, through the heady success of Thin Lizzy, to the tragic chain of events which ended her son's life and plunged her into depression.


:"Hot Press" issues free CDs on an irregular basis. These have included:
* "Phil Lynott: The Lost Recordings" which was rereleased with an issue in August 2006 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Phil Lynott's death. The CD featured five recordings which had never been released, including two tracks that had never been heard before.


Past writers for "Hot Press" have included the authors of BAFTA award winning "Father Ted", Graham Linehan & Arthur Mathews, Sunday Times television reviewer Liam Fay, author and "Daily Telegraph" columnist Neil McCormick, the late Bill Graham, "Sunday Business Post" US correspondent Niall Stanage, "Irish Examiner" soccer correspondent Liam Mackey, "Irish Times" columnist John Waters, food writer John McKenna author, "Sunday Independent" journalist Declan Lynch and Guardian football writer and Football Weekly regular Barry Glendenning.


As part of their thirtieth birthday celebrations in 2007, "Hot Press" in association with Vodafone Ireland ran a competition with a top prize of winning an internship at "Hot Press". They asked students to submit no more than four hundred words about any music subject of their choice. The competition was open to all sixth year and third-level students in Ireland. The closing date for entries was January 29 2007.

Budding writers could send in a review of an album or gig, discuss music trends or simply vent their view on any aspect of music they love or hate. The judging was based purely on writing quality and originality as well as interest and entertainment value.

Four students won an internship at "Hot Press", which took place in the summer or autumn of 2007 at the winner's discretion, as well as cash prizes and a selection of other prizes. A number of prizes were also given to runners-up.

The panel of judges included seasoned writers and musicians, such as Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy; best-selling author Alex Barclay; Paul Howard of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly fame; "Hot Press" editor Niall Stokes and deputy editor Stuart Clark. [cite web |url=|title="Budding writers tune up for Hot Press gig"|accessdate=2007-12-14]



External links

* [ Official "Hot Press" Website]
* [ Phil Lynott Lost Recordings home page]

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