Law enforcement in Montenegro

Law enforcement in Montenegro

Law enforcement in Montenegro is primarily the responsibility of the Police Administration, a law enforcement agency under the authority of the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration. Headquartered in Podgorica, the Police Administration, with its 8,000 armed officers, provides security for a government that in recent years has been in fear of destabilisation. [BBC News [ article] retrieved on May 19 2007] To aid with these issues, the OSCE Mission to Montenegro began on 29 June 2006. [OSCE [ profile page] retrieved on May 19 2007]

It is subject to very high critic that the Law enforcement in Montenegro is far too dependent on the authorities, one of the conditions on its European integrations.


All directorates of the Police Administration report to the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration. The police force is controlled legally by the country's Law on Police, and the Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro and the Montenegrin citizens can use this law to exert control over the police force. The Montenegro Civil Police has 5209 employees, of which 2473 are uniformed officers, 94 of these female. [OSCE [ profile page] retrieved on May 19 2007] The Police Academy is located in Danilovgrad, and provides both basic police education, and professional and specialized training. [OSCE [ profile page] retrieved on May 19 2007]

Aviation Unit

Montenegro's Civil Police Aviation Unit forms part of the Montenegro Government Aviation Unit, and purchased its first aircraft in 1972, with three more SA341 Gazelles transferred from the military air force in the 1990s [Aeroflight [ Montenegro Police profile] retrieved on May 19 2007] All helicopters are based at Golubovci Airport, Podgorica. ["International Air Power Review Vol.9" p. 90-91]

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* [ Ministry of Interior and Public Administration]
* [ Police Administration] (in Serbian)
* [ OSCE Report "Police reform in Montenegro 2001-2005: Assessment and recommendations"] - by Linda Schouten, Novak Gajić and Sharon Riggle


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