Spitzer (bullet)

Spitzer (bullet)

A spitzer is an aerodynamic bullet design used in most intermediate and high-powered rifle cartridges. The name derives from the German word Spitzgeschoss, literally "pointed bullet". It was first introduced in 1898 by the French in their 8 mm Lebel "Balle D" cartridge. Arthur Gleinich invented the first "latent Dum-dum" spitzer round, which was first introduced in Germany in 1905. In 1906, the US bought the production license from Gleinich. The Russians adopted their "Lyohkaya Pulya" in 1908. Britain officially adopted the Mark VII bullets in 1914, just before or soon after the outbreak of WWI.

Some rifle cartridges specify this feature in their name, such as the 8 x 60 Spitz.Also commonly referred to as a spire point bullet.

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