Lifshitz (or Lifschitz) is a surname, and may refer to:

* Evgeny Lifshitz, (1915 – 1985), a Soviet physicist
* Ilya Mikhailovich Lifshitz (1917 – 1982), another Soviet physicist (brother of Evgeny)
* Miguel Lifschitz (born 1955), mayor of the city of Rosario, Argentina
* Ofer Lifschitz, chairman of Brit Olam party, Israel; See also Israel legislative election, 2006
* Ralph Lauren (born "Lifschitz"), an American fashion designer and business executive
* Sébastien Lifshitz (born 1968), a French screenwriter and director
* Yaron Lifschitz, Australian theatre director most notable for his involvement in the circus arts

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* Lipschitz, Lipschütz

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