Just Blaze discography

Just Blaze discography

A list of productions by Hip hop producer Just Blaze.

Production credits


=Buckshot - The BDI Thug=

* "Heavy Weighters" feat. Swan and F.T.

F.T. - New York State Of Rhyme

* "F-Ava" feat. Ava

Killah Priest - View From Masada

* "Gotta Eat"
* "Hard Times"
* "View From Masada"


Amil - "All Money Is Legal"

* "That's Right" feat. Jay-Z

=Beanie Sigel - The Truth=

* "Who Want What" feat. Memphis Bleek

Big Pun - "Yeeeah Baby"

* "Off Wit His Head" feat. Prospect
* "Wrong Ones" feat. Sunkiss

Half-A-Mill - "Million"

* "Fires In Hell"
* "Thug Luv"

Busta Rhymes - "Anarchy"

* "Street Shit"
* "Here We Go Again" feat. Flipmode Squad

Jay-Z - ""

* "Intro"
* "Streets Is Talking" feat. Beanie Sigel
* "Stick 2 The Script" feat. Beanie Sigel & DJ Clue
* "The R.O.C." feat. Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek
* "Soon You'll Understand"

Memphis Bleek - "The Understanding"

* "In My Life"
* "Intro - U Know Bleek"
* "They'll Never Play Me"
* "We Get Low"

DJ Clue - "The Professional 2"

* "M.A.R.C.Y." feat. Memphis Bleek and Geda K

Ras Kass - "Revenge of the Spit"

* "Hello Summa"

=Prodigy - "H.N.I.C."=

* "Diamond" feat. Bars & Hooks


Beanie Sigel - "The Reason"

* "Beanie (Mack B**ch)"
* "So What You Saying " feat. Memphis Bleek
* "Get Down"
* "Mom Praying" feat. Scarface
* "Still Got Love For You" feat. Jay-Z and Rell
* "What Your Life Like 2"

Jadakiss - "Kiss tha Game Goodbye"

* "It's Time I See You" feat. Cross, Drag-On, Eve, Infa-Red, Sheek, & Styles P

Jay-Z - "The Blueprint"

* "Girls, Girls, Girls"
* "U Don't Know"
* "Song Cry"
* "Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)"

Fabolous - "Ghetto Fabolous"

* "Ma' Be Easy"

DMX - "The Great Depression"

* "I'm A Bang"

=Busta Rhymes - "Genesis"=

* "Everybody Rise Again"
* "We Got What You Want"
* "Match the Name With the Voice" feat. Flipmode Squad


Cam'ron - "Come Home With Me"

* "Losing Weight pt. 2" feat. Juelz Santana
* "Oh Boy" feat. Juelz Santana
* "Welcome to New York City" feat. Jay-Z Juelz Santana
* "The Roc (Just Fire)" feat. Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel
• "Come Home With Me" feat. Jim Jones and Juelz Santana

Jay-Z - ""

* "Hovi Baby"
* "U Don't Know (Remix)" feat. M.O.P.
* "Meet The Parents"
* "Some How Some Way" feat. Beanie Sigel and Scarface
* "As One" feat. Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Gunz, Peedi Crakk, Rell, Omillio Sparks & Beanie Sigel
* "Show You How"
* "Bitches & Sisters"

Erick Sermon - "React"

* "We Don't Care" feat. Free
* "React" feat. Redman

=Snoop Dogg - "Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss"=

* "Lollipop" feat. Jay-Z, Soopafly and Nate Dogg

Mariah Carey - "Charmbracelet"

* "Boy (I Need You)" feat. Cam'ron
* "You Got Me" feat. Freeway and Jay Z


=The Diplomats - "Diplomatic Immunity"=

* "I Really Mean It"
* "Built This City"

=Freeway - "Philadelphia Freeway"=

* "Free"
* "What We Do" feat. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel
* "Flipside" feat. Peedi Crakk
* "On My Own" feat. Nelly
* "Don't Cross The Line" feat. Faith Evans
* "Full Effect" feat. Young Gunz
* "Alright" feat. Allen Anthony
* "You Got Me" feat. Mariah Carey and Jay-Z

Fabolous - "Street Dreams"

* "Can't Let You Go" feat. Lil' Mo and Mike Shorey

Flipmode Squad - "NBA Live 2003"

* "Here We Go"

=Joe Budden - "Joe Budden"=

* "Pump It Up"
* "Fire" feat. Busta Rhymes
* "Give Me Reason"

=Jay-Z - "The Black Album"=

* "Interlude"
* "December 4th"
* "Public Service Announcement (Interlude)"

=Keith Murray - "He's Keith Murray"=

* "Yeah Yeah U Know It" feat. Erick Sermon & Redman

Nick Cannon - "Nick Cannon"

* "Get Crunk Shorty" feat. Ying Yang Twins and Fatman Scoop

"Love Don't Cost a Thing" Original Soundtrack

* "Shorty (Put It On The Floor)" (Busta Rhymes, Chingy, Fat Joe and Nick Cannon)

Memphis Bleek - "M.A.D.E."

* "Everythings a Go"
* "Round Here" feat. Trick Daddy and T.I.
* "Just Blaze, Bleek & Free" feat. Freeway
* "Hypnotic" feat. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel
* "War"
* "Hell No"
• "Murda Murda" feat. Beanie Sigel

Mario - "Mario"

* "C'mon" (remix)


=LeToya - "LeToya=

* "U Got What I Need"

Carl Thomas - "Let's Talk About It"

* "My First Love"

Young Gunz - "Tough Luv"

* "Friday Night"
* "Tough Luv" feat. Denim

Usher - "Confessions"

* "Throwback"
* "Throwback (Remix)" feat. Jadakiss ("Confessions (Special edition)")

Shyne - "Godfather Buried Alive"

* "Here With Me"
* "Diamonds & Mac 10's"

Shawnna - "Worth tha Weight"

* "Let's Go"

Talib Kweli - "The Beautiful Struggle"

* "Never Been In Love"

Jon B - "Stronger Everyday"

* "Everytime" feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard
* "Everytime (Remix)" feat. Beenie Man & Farena

Jin - "The Rest is History"

* "Club Song"

Ying Yang Twins - "My Brother & Me Bonus DVD"

* "Get Crunk Shorty" feat. Nick Cannon and Fatman Scoop

Fabolous - "Real Talk"

* "It's Alright" feat. Sean Paul
* "Breathe"

Rah Digga - "Everything Is a Story" (Unreleased)

* "Party and Bullshit 2003"
* "Party and Bullshit 2003 (Remix)" feat. Missy Elliott, & Eve
* "Street People" feat. Young Zee, & Joe Budden
* "I'm Rich Bitch
* "Lookin' Da Same To Me"
* "Tell Me Why" feat. Pink


=Fat Joe - "All or Nothing"=

*"Safe 2 Say (The Incredible)"

=The Game - "The Documentary"=

* "Church For Thugs"
* "No More Fun and Games"

Beanie Sigel - "The B. Coming"

* "Bread and Butter" feat. Sadat X and Grand Puba

Memphis Bleek - "534"

* "534"
* "Interlude"
* "Dear Summer" feat. Jay-Z
* "Straight Path"

M.E.D. - "Push Comes to Shove"

* "Get Back"

Kanye West - "Late Registration"

* "Touch The Sky" feat. Lupe Fiasco

Busta Rhymes - "not on album"

* "Get Flat" feat. Butch Cassidy


Ghostface Killah - "Fishscale"

* "The Champ"

Cory Gunz - "not on album"

* "I Gotcha" feat. Lil Wayne

T.I. - "King"

* "King Back"
* "I'm Talkin' to You"

=Rhymefest - "Blue Collar"=

* "Dynomite (Going Postal)"

=Diddy - "Press Play"=

* "Tell Me" feat. Christina Aguilera

=The Game - "Doctor's Advocate"=

* "Why You Hate The Game" feat. Nas and Marsha Of Floetry
* "Remedy"

=Jay-Z - "Kingdom Come"=

* "Oh My God"
* "Show Me What You Got"
* "Kingdom Come"

Freeway - "Cutmaster C-The Hood News Reloaded (The Remix Edition)"

* "Flipside pt 2" feat. Peedi Crakk

=Capone - "Menace 2 Society"=

* "Troublesome (La, La, La)" feat. Noreaga


* "Never Be Me" feat. Rick Ross


Juelz Santana - Nike

* "The Second Coming" feat. Just Blaze

Daddy Yankee - ""

* "Papi Lover" feat. Nicole Scherzinger

Fabolous - "From Nothin' to Somethin'"

* "Return of the Hustle" feat. Swizz Beatz

T.I. - "T.I. vs T.I.P."

* "Act I (T.I.P.)" (co-produced with T.I. and Caviar)
* "Act II (T.I.)" (co-produced with T.I. and Caviar)
* "Help Is Coming"
* "Act III (T.I. vs T.I.P.)" (co-produced with T.I. and Caviar)

Talib Kweli - "Eardrum"

* "Hostile Gospel"

=Jay-Z - "American Gangster"=

* "Ignorant Shit" (feat Beanie Sigel)
* "American Gangster"


=Common - Smirnoff Signature Mix Series=

* "The Light '08 (It's Love)" (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)

=The Game - L.A.X.=

* "Superman" (Leftover track)
* "Undefeated" (featuring Marsha Ambrosius, & Busta Rhymes) (Leftover track)
* "Beat 'Em Up" (Leftover track)

T.I. - Paper Trail

* "Live Your Life" (feat. Rihanna)

Upcoming Releases

=Saigon - "The Greatest Story Never Told" "(expected release: 2008)"=

* "C'mon Baby" feat. Swizz Beatz & Jay-Z
* "Believe It" feat. Red 5
* "Clap" feat. Faith Evans
* "A Better Way"
* "The Invitation" feat. Q-Tip & Fatman Scoop
* "However Do You Want It (Chilly Boom)" feat. Baby Cham
* "Preacher"
* "The Truth"
* "The Greatest Story Never Told"
* "Enemies & Friends" feat. Bun B

Other Productions


* "Skully" feat. Mashonda
* "Skully (Remix)" feat. Mashonda and Triple Seis

701 Squad

* "Black Mask (We're Taking It All)"

Allen Anthony

* "Alright"


* "That's Right" feat. Jay-Z

Angie Martinez

* "Take You Home (Just Blaze Remix)" feat. Fabolous and Kelis


* "If You Feel Me?"

Beanie Sigel

* "Get Down (Remix)" feat. Freeway, Clinton Sparks and Young Gunz

Beastie Boys

* "Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze Remix)"

Beenie Man

* "Feel It Boy (Just Blaze Remix)" feat. Janet Jackson

Bow Wow

* "Play The Game"


* "Want Me Back"
* "Fuck U"

Busta Rhymes

* "Get Flat" feat. Butch Cassidy


* "I Am Dame Dash" feat. Dame Dash and Jim Jones


* "I Must Be Dreaming feat. JoJo

Chris Brown

* "Real Throwback" feat. Fabolous

Cory Gunz

* "I Gotcha" feat. Lil Wayne


* "Get Off"

DJ Clue

* "M.A.R.C.Y." feat. Memphis Bleek and Geda K

DJ Drama

* "Million Dollar Baby" feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Juelz Santana & John Legend

DJ Eclipse

* "Halftime Radio Show - 7th Year Anniversery Part 2" feat. Pitch Black, Saukrates, Smooth Da Hustler, Trigger The Gambler, Q-Unique, E-Dot, Milano, Laku, Immortal Technique, Poisen Pen, Swave Sevah & Breez Evahflowin

DJ Green Lantern

* "Impeach The President" feat. Dead Prez, Immortal Technique & Saigon

DJ Muro

* "Forever Fresh" feat. Big O
* "The Extravaganza" feat. Kool G Rap and Young Chris

Erick Sermon

* "Guns Out In A Circle"


* "Let Go (Hit The Dance Floor)" feat. Jadakiss


* "BK's Finest" feat. Jinx Da Juvy
* "Just Don't Stop" feat. Bathgate
* "On and Off" feat. Amerie
* "Can't Let You Go (Remix)"
* "Fire (Remix)" feat. Joe Budden and Paul Cain

Faith Evans

* "Just Burnin" feat. Diddy & Freeway

Fat Cat Kareem

* "Real Nigga Livin" feat. Killah Priest

=Foxy Brown=

*"Art of War"

Freck Billionaire

* "Break You Off feat. Fabolous
* "In The Streets"


* "Shootout"
* "Flipside pt. 2" feat. Peedi Crakk

Funkmaster Flex

* "We Are" feat. Memphis Bleek and Geda K


* "F-AVA" feat. AVA

=The Game=

* "Fall Back" feat. Freeway & City Boy of AZ Boys"


* "You Got The Power" feat. T.I.


* "Fire In Hell"
* "Thug Luv"

Harlem World

* "I Like It" feat. Mase
* "Family Crisis"

Janet Jackson

* "Love Me (Early version of Just A Little While)" Feat. Naledge



Roc La Familia1. Intro4. Streets Is Talkin (Feat. Beanie Sigel)7. Stick to The Script (Feat. Beanie Sigel)13. The R.O.C. (Feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel)14. Soon Youll Understand

The BluePrint4. Girls, Girls, Girls6. U Dont Know10. Song Cry

Bonus Track- Lyrical Exercise

The Blueprint 2: The Gift And The CurseDisc 12. Hovi Baby

Disc 23. U Dont Know (Remix) Feat. M.O.P.4. Meet The Parents5. Some How Some Way (Feat. Scarface & Beanie Sigel)10. As One Feat. (Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Gunz, Peedi Crakk, Omillio Sparks & Rell)

The Black Album2. December 4th (Feat. Gloria Carter)10. PSA (Public Service Announceent)

Kingdom Come2. Oh My God3. Kingdom Come4. Show Me What You Got

American Gangster10. Ignorant Shit (Feat. Beanie Sigel)

*Allure (Just Blaze Remix)

Joe Budden

* "Pump It Up (Remix)" feat. Jay-Z
* "Fire (Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman
* "Pop Off"
* "Fuel"

Kanye West

* "Touch The Sky Remix" feat. Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styles P and J-Hood
* "Overrreact" feat. Consequence
* "What Else" feat. AZ

Killah Priest

* "Fall Of Solomon"

Lenny Kravitz

* "Storm (Just Blaze RMX) feat. Jay-Z


* Theater of the Mind (Like a Movie)


* "O.G." feat. Snoop Dogg

Mad Lion

* "Give It To Me"

Mariah Carey

* "Boy (I Need You) (Remix)" feat. Cam'ron, Juelz Santana & Freeway
* "Through The Rain" feat. Joe and Kelly Price


* "C'mon (Just Blaze Remix)"

Matt Fingaz

* "Who U Wit?" feat. The Game, Rahzel, Talib Kweli, Large Professor and Jelly

Memphis Bleek

* "We Get Low"
* "They'll Never Play Me"
* "R.O.C."
* "Intro - U Know Bleek"
* "Yes"

* "Grip"
* "We Are"

MF Doom

* "Kookies (Just Blaze Remix)"


* "My Country" feat. Cornell West and Assata Shakur


* "Roc The Mic (Remix)" feat. Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Murphy Lee

Nicole Scherzinger

* "Wanna Dance?" feat. Diddy and Ludacris
*"Yall Be Trippin'"
*"Do Whatever U Want"
*"Kiss & Tell"
*"Steam" (re-edit) feat. Britney Spears

No Good

* "Ballin Boy"


* Niggarican feat. Peedi Crakk

Notorious B.I.G.

* "Living in Pain" feat. Mary J. Blige, 2Pac and Nas

Philly's Most Wanted

* "This Bitch" feat. Bathgate

Rah Digga

* Party & Bullshit
* Party & Bullshit Remix feat. Missy Elliott and Eve


* "Super Freakin"

=Rick Ross=

* "Maybach Music Pt. 2" (featuring Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek & Freeway)
* "Fat Animal"
* Billionaire

Royce Da 5'9"

* "What We Do"
* "King of Detroit"


*"World Summit"


* "Hey Sexy Lady (Put It On Me Just Blaze Remix)" feat. Brian & Tony Gold

Stephen Stradley

* "These Nuts"

State Property

* "Roc The Mic"
* "It's Not Right"
* "B**ch N***az"
* "Don't Realize"
* "Want Me Back"

Swizz Beatz

* "Ride Or Die" (feat. Fabolous)


* "you ain't fly"
* "I'm Talkin' To You"
* "King Back"
* "Help Is Coming"
* "TI VS T.I.P. Acts 1-3"
* "Live Your Life"

Teriyaki Boyz

* "Baggy Pants"


* "Ass Whoop" feat. Saigon

Tragedy Khadafi

* "Against All Odds"


* "How We Do?" feat. Fabolous


* "Throwback (Remix)" feat. Jadakiss


* "Multiply (Remix)" feat. Busta Rhymes

Young Argo

* "So Hood" feat. Lyfe Jennings
* "What Do You Believe In" feat. Xzibit


* "NBA Street Vol. 2" by EA Sports BIG
* "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004" by EA Sports
* "" by Midway Games

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