List of Phish songs

List of Phish songs

This is a complete list of original songs composed by the rock band Phish. Please note that certain "sections" of songs have been played separately from time to time, but are not listed below. For instance, the middle section of "Guelah Papyrus" was sometimes played by itself under the name "The Asse Festival". Before "The Moma Dance" had lyrics, it was called "Black-Eyed Katy". "Shafty" was once called "Olivia's Pool", and featured a different arrangement. "Taste" was once known as "The Fog That Surrounds" and contained a slightly different arrangement. And many sections of the multi-part epic "Fluffhead" have been played outside of the song. Some of these sections include "Clod", "The Chase", "Who Do? We Do!!" and "Bundle of Joy". Phish also performed several songs by The Dude of Life, a friend and collaborator of the band, but those are not listed here, with the exception of songs that The Dude of Life purposely gave to Phish for use in their catalog. Nancy Taube also handed over a couple songs to Phish to use as originals. Also, songs from the band's solo careers that were also performed by Phish are listed here.

Over their 21-year career (1983-2004), Phish wrote 246 original compositions, of which they performed 226.



* "46 Days"


* "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing"
* "Access Me"
* "AC/DC Bag"
* "Aftermath" (never played live)
* "Albert" (never played live)
* "All of These Dreams"
* "All Things Reconsidered"
* "Alumni Blues"
* "Anarchy"
* "And So To Bed" (never played live)
* "Anything But Me"
* "Army of One"
* "At the Barbecue" (also known as "Samson Variation," or "Blow Wind Blow")
* "Axilla"
* "Axilla Part II"


* "Back on the Train"
* "Bathtub Gin"
* "Big Ball Jam"
* "Big Black Furry Creature from Mars"
* "Billy Breathes"
* "Birds of a Feather"
* "Bittersweet Motel"
* "Bliss" (never played live)
* "Birthday Boys" (never played live)
* "Brian and Robert"
* "Brother"
* "Bouncing Around the Room"
* "Buffalo Bill"
* "Bubble Wrap" (never played live)
* "Bug"
* "Buried Alive"
* "Bye Bye Foot"


* "Camel Walk"
* "Carini"
* "Cars Trucks Buses"
* "Catapult"
* "Cataract Song, The" (never played live)
* "Cavern"
* "Chalkdust Torture"
* "Character Zero"
* "Colonel Forbin's Ascent"
* "Connection, The" (never played live)
* "Contact"
* "Crowd Control"
* "Curtain, The"
* "Curtain With, The" ("The Curtain" plus a long instrumental second half)


* "Dave's Energy Guide"
* "David Bowie"
* "Dear Mrs. Reagan"
* "Demand"
* "Destiny Unbound"
* "Dinner and a Movie"
* "Dirt"
* "Discern"
* "Divided Sky, The"
* "Dog-Faced Boy"
* "Dog Log" (formerly known as "Dog Gone Dog")
* "Dogs Stole Things"
* "Don't Get Me Wrong"
* "Down With Disease"
* "Driver"


* "Eliza"
* "End of Session" (never played live)
* "Esther"


* "Faht"
* "Farmhouse"
* "Fast Enough for You"
* "Fee"
* "Fikus"
* "First Tube" (formerly known as "Bing Bong")
* "Fish Bass" (never played live)
* "Flat Fee"
* "Fluffhead"
* "Fluff's Travels"
* "Fly Famous Mockingbird"
* "Foam"
* "Frankie Says"
* "Free"
* "Friday"
* "Fuck Your Face"


* "Ghost"
* "Glide"
* "Glide II" (formerly known as "Flip")
* "Golgi Apparatus"
* "Gotta Jibboo"
* "Grind"
* "Guelah Papyrus"
* "Gumbo"
* "Guy Forget"
* "Guyute"


* "Ha Ha Ha"
* "Happy Whip and Dung Song, The"
* "Harpua"
* "Harry Hood"
* "He Ent to the Bog" (never played live)
* "Heavy Things"
* "Horn"
* "Horse, The"


* "I Am Hydrogen"
* "I Don't Care"
* "Icculus"
* "If I Could"
* "In a Hole"
* "In a Misty Glade" (never played live)
* "Inlaw Josie Wales, The" (formerly known as "Minestrone" and "Purple Hugh")
* "It's Ice"


* "Jaegermeister"
* "Jennifer Dances"
* "Julius"


* "Keyboard Army"
* "Kung"


* "Landlady, The"
* "Lawn Boy"
* "Lengthwise"
* "Leprechaun"
* "Letter to Jimmy Page"
* "Lifeboy"
* "Limb By Limb"
* "Lizards, The"
* "Llama"
* "Lushington"


* "Maggie's Revenge" (never played live)
* "Magilla"
* "Makisupa Policeman"
* "Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, The"
* "Mango Song, The"
* "Maze"
* "McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters"
* "Meat"
* "Meatstick, The"
* "Mexican Cousin"
* "Mike's Song" (formerly known as "Microdot")
* "Minkin" (never played live)
* "Mock Song"
* "Moma Dance, The" (formerly known as "Black-Eyed Katy", sans lyrics)
* "Mound"
* "Mountains in the Mist"
* "Mozambique" (formerly known as "Free Thought")
* "My Friend, My Friend"
* "My Left Toe"
* "My Sweet One"


* "N02"
* "Name Is Slick, The" (never played live)
* "Never"
* "NICU"
* "No Dogs Allowed"
* "Nothing"


* "Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, The"


* "Pebbles And Marbles"
* "Piper"
* "Poor Heart"
* "Possum"
* "Practical Song, The" (never played live)
* "Prep School Hippie"
* "Prince Caspian"
* "Punch Me in the Eye"
* "Punch You in the Eye"


* "Quadrophonic Toppling"


* "Reba"
* "Rebirth" (set to the music of 'The Happy Whip and Dung Song", never played live)
* "Revolution"
* "Rift"
* "Riker's Mailbox" (never played live)
* "Rocka William"
* "Roggae"
* "Round Room"
* "Run Like An Antelope"
* "Runaway Jim"
* "Running Out" (never played live)

* "Sample in a Jar"
* "Sand" (formerly known as "Symptom")
* "Sanity"
* "Saw it Again"
* "Say the Same For Me" (never played live)
* "Scent of a Mule"
* "Scents and Subtle Sounds"
* "Secret Smile"
* "Setting Sail"
* "Seven Below"
* "Shafty" (formerly known as "Olivia's Pool")
* "Silent in the Morning"
* "Simple"
* "Skippy the Wondermouse" (set to the music of "McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters")
* "Slave to the Traffic Light"
* "Sleep"
* "Sleeping Monkey"
* "Sloth, The"
* "Somantin" (never played live)
* "Sparkle"
* "Spices"
* "Split Open and Melt"
* "Spock's Brain"
* "Spread it Round"
* "Squirming Coil, The"
* "Stash"
* "Strange Design"
* "Steep"
* "Suzy Greenberg"
* "Swept Away"


* "Talk"
* "Taste" (formerly known as "The Fog That Surrounds")
* "Tela"
* "Theme From the Bottom"
* "Thunderhead"
* "Tiny" (never played live)
* "Title Track" (never played live)
* "Tomorrow's Song" (never played live)
* "Tooth and Nail" (never played live)
* "Train Song"
* "Tube"
* "Turbo Kicking In" (never played live)
* "Tweezer" (formerly known as "Tweezer So Cold")
* "Tweezer Reprise"
* "Twist"
* "Two Versions of Me"


* "Undermind" (never played live)
* "Union Federal" (never played live)


* "Vultures"


* "Wading in the Velvet Sea
* "Waking Up" (formerly known as "Fooled by Images")
* "Walfredo"
* "Walls Of The Cave"
* "Waste"
* "Water in the Sky"
* "Waves"
* "Wedge, The"
* "Weekapaug Groove"
* "Weekly Time" (never played live)
* "Weigh"
* "What's the Use?"
* "Wilson"
* "Windora Bug"
* "Wolfman's Brother"


* "You Enjoy Myself"

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