Bjørn Grinde

Bjørn Grinde

Bjørn Grinde (born July 3, 1952 in Oslo) is a biologist working in the fields of genetics and evolution, with a particular interest in human evolution. He studied natural sciences as well as psychology and anthropology at the University of Oslo, resulting in a Dr.scient (1981) and a Dr.philos (1984) from the same university. Presently he works as a chief scientist at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and as a professor at the University of Oslo. Many of his scientific papers have focused on molecular evolution, using viruses as a model system.

Meant for a general audience, his book "Darwinian Happiness" has the subtitle "Evolution as a Guide for Living and Understanding Human Behavior".

Bjørn Grinde also has a son Steinar Kummeneje Grinde who is a fairly known guitarist and poet.

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