Steele (surname)

Steele (surname)

Steele is a surname, and may refer to:


* Alex Steele
* Alfred E. Steele
* Alfred Nu Steele (1901 - 1959), US businessperson and husband of Joan Crawford
* Alfonso Steele
* Alison Steele
* Allen Steele, American science fiction author
* Anne Steele
* Anne Steele (Buffyverse)


* Barbara Steele (b. 1937), British actor
* Barron Steele
* Bobbie L. Steele
* Bobby Steele (b. 1956), punk guitarist


* Cassie Steele (b. 1989), Canadian actor
* Charles Kenzie Steele, Sr., also known as C. K. Steele, civil rights activist
* Charles Kenzie Steele, Jr., civil rights activist
* Chester K. Steele, pseudonym used by Stratemeyer Syndicate
* Chloe Steele, fictional character
* Chris Steele
* Chris Steele (doctor)
* Chris Steele (musician)
* Claude Steele
* Chastic Steele
* Calum Steele


* Dale Steele
* Dave Steele (born 1974), American racecar driver
* David Steele (born 1941), English cricketer
* David Steele (musician) (born 1960), British musician (bassist) of The Beat and Fine Young Cannibals
* David Ramsay Steele, Libertarian author
* Dawn Steele
* Dominic Steele
* Don Steele
* Donnie Steele


* Eli Steele
* Elijah Steele
* Eric Steele


* Frederick Steele
* Fletcher Steele (1885 - 1971), US landscape architect
* Franklin Steele A storekeeper at Fort Snelling Franklin S. was the first to claim land at St. Anthony Falls in 1838
* Freddie Steele (boxer)
* Freddie Steele (footballer)


* George Steele
* Gile Steele
* George Washington Steele
* Gordon Charles Steele
* Greg Steele
* Guy L. Steele, Jr., US computer scientist and author


* Harold R. Steele
* Henry Joseph Steele


* Jack E. Steele
* Jason Steele
* Jeffrey Steele
* Jahna Steele
* James Steele
* Jevetta Steele
* Jim Steele
* Jimmy Steele
* Johannes Steele
* John Steele (US Congressman)
* John Steele (paratrooper)
* John Steele (Canadian politician)
* John Steele (aromatic consultant)
* John A. Steele (England)
* John Hardy Steele
* John H. Steele
* Air Chief Marshal Sir John Miles Steel, the first Commander-in-Chief of RAF Bomber Command.
* Jonathan Steele
* Jovanka Steele
* Joyce Steele


* Karen Steele
* Kevin Steele


* Larry Steele
* Lee Steele
* Lexington Steele
* Luke Steele


* Markus Steele
* Martin Steele
* Mary Steele
* Michael Steele, musician
* Michael A. Steele (Bridge 9 message board poster)
* Michael S. Steele (b. 1958), US politician
* Michelle Steele
* Mike Steele
* Mallory Steele artist extraordinaire


* Paul Steele, Canadian rower
* Peter Steele, US musician
* Ray Steele


*Rayford Steele
*Raymond Steele OBE (May 19, 1917 —), Australian rules footballer with Richmond 1940-1943
*Richard Steele (1672 - 1729), Irish writer
*Richard Steele (b. 1944), boxing referee
*Robert David Steele, American author
*Robert H. Steele
*Robert Williamson Steele (1820-1901), Governor of the Territory of Jefferson
*Ronald Steele
*Ryan Steele, fictional character

* Sam Steele (1849 - 1919), Canadian military and law enforcement officer; namesake of Mount Steele
* Samuel Steele (1985-)
* Selena Steele
* Shane Steele
* Shelby Steele, conservative African-American social commentator
* Sherwood Steele peasant 1973-
* Steele (Balto) The villain from the animated film "Balto"
* Sydnee Steele


* Taren Steele
* Tarra Steele
* Thomas Steele
* Timothy Steele
* Tom Steele (Scottish Labour politician)
* Tom Steele (stuntman) (Scottish born stuntman and actor)
* Tommy Steele (b. 1936), stage name of British entertainer Thomas Hicks
* Tyler Steele, fictional character


* Valerie Steele


* Walter Leak Steele
* William Steele ( - 1680), Lord Chancellor of Ireland
* William H. Steele American Colonel accused of "aiding the enemy"
* William L. Steele (1875 - 1949), American architect
* William O. Steele (1917 - 1979), American author


*Steele MacKaye (1842 - 1894), US actor and producer
*Steele Rudd (1868 - 1935), pseudonym of Australian author Arthur Hoey Davis

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