Ritter (surname)

Ritter (surname)

"For other uses, see Ritter (disambiguation)"

Ritter is a surname, and may refer to:


* Alexander Ritter (1833–1896), German composer, violinist, and conductor
* August Gottfried Ritter (1811–1885), German romantic composer and organist
* Bill Ritter (journalist) (born 1950), American news anchor in New York City
* Bill Ritter (politician) (born 1956), American politician, Governor of Colorado
* Bruce Ritter (1927–1999), American Roman Catholic priest, founder of Covenant House
* Burwell C. Ritter (1810–1880), American politician, Congressman from Kentucky 1865–1867
* Carl Ritter (1779–1859), German geographer
* Christian Ritter (1700's), German-swedish composer and musician
* Don Ritter (born 1959), Canadian installation artist and writer
* Donald L. Ritter (born 1940), American politician, Congressman from Pennsylvania 1980–1993
* Erika Ritter (born 1948), Canadian playwright and humorist
* Floyd Ritter (1870–1943), Major League Baseball catcher 1890
* Friedrich Ritter (1898–1989), German botanist, expert on cacti
* Gerhard Ritter (1888–1967), German conservative historian
* Halsted L. Ritter (1868–1957), American jurist impeached and removed from office in 1936
* Heinrich Ritter (1791–1869), German philosopher
* Huntley Ritter (born 1977), American actor
* Jason Ritter (born 1980), American actor, son of John Ritter
* Jeannie Ritter (born 1958), First Lady of Colorado, US; wife of Governor Bill Ritter
* Joachim Ritter (1903–1974), German philosopher
* Johann Wilhelm Ritter (1776–1810), German chemist and physicist
* John Ritter (1948–2003), American actor, son of Tex Ritter, father of Jason Ritter
* John Ritter (congressman) (1779–1851), American politician, Congressman from Pennsylvania 1843–1847
* John H. Ritter (born 1951), American young-adult baseball novelist
* John Steele Ritter, American pianist, long-term colaborator of French flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal.
* Joseph Cardinal Ritter (1892–1967), American prelate, Archbishop of Saint Louis 1946–1967
* Josh Ritter (born 1976), American singer-songwriter
* Krysten Ritter, American actress
* Laszlo Ritter (1937–2003), Hungarian landscape artist
* Lawrence Ritter (1922–2004), American baseball writer
* Lou Ritter, American politician, mayor of Jacksonville, Florida 1965–1967
* Louise Ritter (born 1958), American track and field athlete, Olympic gold medalist
* Maya Ritter (born 1993), Canadian actress
* Preston Ritter, American rock drummer
* Rex Ritter, lead guitarist for the American band Jessamine 1994–1998
* Robert Ritter (1901–c. 1951), German psychologist whose work led to the genocide of the Roma people in Nazi Germany
* Scott Ritter (born 1961), chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq 1991–1998
* Sylvester Ritter (1952–1998), ring name Junkyard Dog, American professional wrestler
* Tex Ritter (1905–1974), American singer and actor, father of John Ritter
* Thelma Ritter (1902–1969), American actress
* Tyson Ritter (born 1984), American musician, lead singer and bassist for The All-American Rejects
* William Emerson Ritter (1856–1944), American biologist
* Mary Ritter Beard (1876–1958), American historian and campaigner for woman's suffrage
* F. Ritter Shumway (1906–1992), major figure in American figure skating
* Albert Ritter Conti v.Cedassamare (1887–1967), Italian-American character actor
* Pavao Ritter Vitezović (1652–1713), Croatian writer, historian, linguist, and publisher
* Rebecca Ritters (born 1984), Australian actress
* paniq, real name Leonard Ritter (born 1980), German composer, coder, graphic artist, and writer
* Stephen Geoffreys (born 1964), American actor who used the screen name Sam Ritter in pornographic films

Fictional characters

* Donald & Deborah Ritter, characters from Marvel Comics
* Dr. Philip Ritter, a character played by Paul Henreid in the 1952 film "Stolen Face"
* Weiss Ritter, a robot in the Super Robot Wars series
* Rein Weiss Ritter, a robot in the Super Robot Wars series

ee also

*Ritter (titular name)

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