Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute is an academic institute in Jerusalem established in 1959 by the Van Leer family of the Netherlands.

The Van Leer Institute is a center for the interdisciplinary study and discussion of issues related to philosophy, society, culture and education. The goals of the institute are to enhance ethnic and cultural understanding, ease social tensions and promote democratic values through academic research, public policy analysis, advocacy and civil society projects. [ The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Homepage] The institute organizes domestic and international conferences, symposia and workshops, and publishes books and periodicals. [ The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Homepage]

The Institute is located in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood, next door to the official residence of the President of Israel. The Institute's 27,000-volume library is devoted to philosophy, philosophy of science, historical sociology and political theory. [ The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Homepage]

Notable scholars and fellows

*S. N. Eisenstadt
*Rachel Elior
*Itzhak Galnoor
*Ruth Gavison
*Hanna Herzog
*Hannan Hever
*Paul Mendes-Flohr
*Adi Ophir
*Naftali Rothenberg
*Gabriel Sheffer
*Yehouda Shenhav

Selected journals and publications

*"Science in Context" Cambridge University Press in cooperation with Tel Aviv University

*"The Politics of Humanitarianism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories" Conference Proceedings (CD)(2005)

*"Men and Women: Gender, Judaism and Democracy" edited by Rachel Elior (2004)
*"Collective Identities, Public Spheres and Political Order in Modern and Contemporary Scenes" Tal Kohavi, Julia Lerner, Ronna Brayer-Garb (2003)

*"Women in Conflict Zones: Struggling With Ethno-National and Racial Conflicts" Maya Kahanoff (2003)

*"Policy Paper" Uri Saguy and Gilead Sher (2002)

*"Jewish Identity in Modern Israel: Proceedings on Secular Judaism and Democracy" edited by Naftali Rothenberg and Eliezer Schweid (2002)

*"The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies" edited by Miriam Hoexter, Shmuel N. Eisenstadt, Nehemia Levtzion (2002)

*"Lire Albert Memmi: Déracinement, Exil, Identité" (2002)


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