Stranded (game)

Stranded (game)

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title = Stranded

developer = Unrealsoftware
designer = Peter Schauss
engine = Blitz Basic
released = 2003
modes = Singleplayer
genre = Survival Sim, First Person Shooter
platforms = Microsoft Windows
input = Keyboard, Mouse

Stranded is a 3D adventure game, developed by Unrealsoftware. The main goal of the game is to survive on a dangerous island and later escape.


Stranded was made in mid-2003 by Peter Schauss (a.k.a. DC), the founder of Unrealsoftware. Stranded was a success in November 2003, appearing in four different magazines and even in the Rhine newspaper.


The main campaign is based around a story in which the player is stranded on an abandoned island struck with amnesia. The user must gather materials to make an encampment, tools, and weapons to hunt wild animals. The user must eventually build a seaworthy vessel and escape from the island to reach his homeland, Germany. There are also the stand alone mini missions which you can undetake, such as rescuing kiwi birds or fighting off a pack of bloodthirsty raptors. There are also maps online which one can download to further the game experience, or create missions yourself with the built-in mission editor.

Tools and Weapons


Usually the first weapon to be made in Stranded, the slingshot is a rather weak weapon with a short range. Pebbles can be tedious to gather for the slingshot, and weigh quite a bit when in mass quantities. The slingshot is made from a liana(vine) and a branch.


The second, and most powerful weapon, the spear is a deadly projectile that can take out any animal or human in one shot. The Spear is created of a Stone and a Branch, but only after the hammer has been made.


The most useful tool in Stranded, the hammer can be used to build many buildings, such as a lean-to or fireplace, and many other such constructables. However, the hammer can not be used as a weapon.


The axe is used for only one purpose in Stranded: cutting down trees. When you cut down a tree, depending on the size of the tree, you can get some logs which you can use for the construction of a raft. The axe can be acquired by harvesting hemp for the old hemp man.


The net is a handy tool used for catching butterflies so you can hold more items. The net can be acquired from the old hemp man by harvesting hemp for him.



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