Pug (disambiguation)

Pug (disambiguation)

A pug is a breed of dog.

Pug can also refer to:

** Hastings Ismay, for whom Pug was a nickname.
** Pug Rentner, (1910–1978) an American football player.
** Pug Lund, (1913-1994) an American football player.
** Pug Cavet, (1889-1966) an American baseball player.
** Pug Southerland, (-1949) a United States Navy fighter pilot.
*Fictional characters:
** Frank the Pug, a fictional character from the Men in Black film and its sequel.
** Pug (fictional character), a magician in the fantasy "Magician" novels by Raymond E. Feist
** Tonberry, a character in the "Final Fantasy" Series.
** Pug, a breed of dog.
** Several species of Geometer moth, mostly in the genus "Eupithecia"
** Pug Jelly, a pop rock band.
** The Order of the Pug, a para-Masonic society.
** "Pug", a song by The Smashing Pumpkins on their 1998 album "Adore"
** Pugs, an interpreter and compiler for the Perl 6 programming language
** A small shunter locomotive
** Crushed limestone or similar compressed clay-like material used as a walking surface
** A nickname for Peugeot automobiles in the UK
** pug (newspaper) - top part/"ears" of newspaper at the top left and right-hand corners of the paper (aka "ears" of the page. contains The prices of the paper, the logo or a promotion are positioned there.
** A pugmill or pug mill is a machine in which materials are simultaneously ground and mixed with a liquid.
** A Pug Impression Pad, a device used to track wild animals.
** A Pick Up Group or "PUG", a group in a MMORPG such as World of Warcraft which is composed of players who do not have any prior experience playing together.

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* Plug

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