Ahoy, Ahoi or ahoj can refer to:
* the well-known sailor's interjection, currently meaning "hello" and/or "what's going on?" [citation|contribution=ahoy|url=http://dictionary.oed.com/cgi/entry/50004810|title=OED Online|edition=2nd|location=Oxford|publisher=Oxford University Press|year=1989|accessdate=2008-06-21]
* descendants:
** "Ahoy-hoy" or "ahoy" suggested by Alexander Graham Bell as a proper telephone answer [R. T. Barrett, American notes and queries 3 (1943–44), p. 76]
** a Czech and Slovak everyday greeting, taken over by young people from the English expression in the 1930s, probably via the German "ahoi" [Přiruční slovník jazyka českého, t. 1, Prague 1935–37 s.v. ahoj] . A district of Bratislava, Slovakia, is called Ahoj because young people met there before the area was developed [report, "Sme" newspaper, Bratislava, June 13,2006 [http://bratislava.sme.sk/c/2760291/Ahoj-coskoro-skonci-s-cisternami.html] ]
* nominations:
** Ahoy! (magazine), a magazine that used to be published about Commodore computers
** Ahoy Rotterdam, an indoor sports arena and concert venue in Rotterdam in the Netherlands
** ahoi, a website [http://www.ahoi.es] and pocketbook published since 2002 in Spain, German and french with ports and nautic informations about Costa Brava, Spain and Cote Vermeille, France
** AHOY, standing for "A"ustralian "H"umanist "o"f the "Y"ear, awarded annually by the Council of Australian Humanist Societies
** Ahoy is currently being used as an ad slogan by the men's grooming line Old Spice

Ahoi can refer to
* a Hindu festival, Ahoi Ashtami, that Hindu ladies observe fast on, for the sake of their children. Falls on the fourth day from famous Hindu festival Karva Chauth and a week before Deepawali.
* Ahoi Mata, the Hindu deity, worshipped on the Ahoi Ashtami.


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